Pandora Hearts Oc Picture


Name: Selina Balbo (Yes. i named this after a place in Cali SHUT UP....Balboa...)

Age: unknown (ya that's right =u= )

Species: Human

Eye Color: Brown

Hair color: Bleach Blond

Chain: Siren (oh how ironic. SO CLEVER. xDD)
Parents: Deceased

Personality: Kind of a "to herself" person. She's always annoyed with the boys, or atleast, she pretends to be CC:
She turns out to be nicer as she slowly trusts everyone. she's quiet and oblivious.

Talents: Sings, plays flute, and Piano

Fears: Ghosts (Oh how she will be made fun of)

Love Interest: not sure xDD

Back Story: Her family (which was poor anyway) were murdered by the original Siren. The woman who was Siren adopted (Err. Owned technically) Selina. The Siren has a son named Milo who Selina views as a brother and they are extremely close. Milo murdered the Siren because she was evil and hurt them. Selina gained the chain Siren. And in the house of the Siren all time stops and you forget what you were doing there. (COUGH COUGH CASTLE OBLIVION REFERENCE COUGH) Last, As Siren, Siren makes a sort of illusion to make you believe that what you want is in front of you so it "distracts" you. AND NO SHE IS NOT AN ILLEGAL CONTRACTOR >:CC

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