Hyun Libra (GC OC) Picture


Verse: Grand Chase.

Date: 4/23/2014

Full Name: Hyun Libra.
Pronunciation: Hi-yun Lee-brah.
Nickname/Alias: Hyun.
Meaning: Hyun means "wisdom" and Libra means "equality"
Origin: Hyun is a Korean name, and because Grand Chase IS Korean I thought I should try finding a Korean name. So, I found one, and it happened to be this one. I chose Libra as a last name because before Hyun found Grand Chase, Libra as a Goddess/Constellation was teaching Hyun, and with the Constellation species, all have the last name of a Constellation and work with them-- if you are lucky, you'll receive a last name after a Zodiac Constellation, and work with them in higher levels.
Title: "Walking Justice of the Stars"

Gender: Female.
Orientation: Straight.
Real Age: Unspecified.
Age Appearance: 19
Birthday: Unspecified.
Deathday: Currently none.
Birthplace: Star Blaze Galaxy.
Astrological Sign: Libra.
Zodiac Sign: Libra.

Immediate Family: Libra herself.
Distant Family: Libra.
Upbringing: Destroy all enemies using Justice and Equality.
Infancy: From 0-2 she was just a single star.

Species: Constellation and half Zodiac. (While she walks upon land she takes shape of a human. When she is a Constellation, she her skin changes to something that looks like this: 2.bp.blogspot.com/-MPwsQyOJbv8…
Blood Type: Unspecified.
Preferred Hand: She uses both hands.
Eye Color: Her right eye is yellow and orange with a hint of red, and her left is lightish blue with blurple, and a hint of dark blue.
Hair Color Right side is red orange and yellow, and the other side is just colors of the night sky (with blue, not black. Also stars.)
Hairstyle: I would call it a ninja ponytail with the night side and the sun side separated.
Skin Tone: Asian.
Complexion: Somewhat dark.
Makeup: N/A
Build: Strong.
Cup Size: ... Medium I guess?
Facial Hair: N/A
Birthmarks/scars: She has the Libra symbol on her back.

Health: Exelent.
Energy: She's often calm unless she's in a fight, so energy goes on and off.
Memory: She remembers things well.
Senses: Her sight and hearing are stronger than others', and she also has the ability to tell if someone is lying.
Handicaps: N/A
Medication: N/A
Phobias: Blennophobia- Fear of slime, and Barophobia- Fear of gravity. (Her phobia of gravity is something she managed to push it past herself-- although she still fears it.)
Addictions: N/A
Mental Disorders: N/A

Grooming: Well-kept.
Posture: Stiff/straight.
Gait: She often flies due to her powers she was given by her mother/Goddess, but that's often when fighting so she can get a slight advantage, but she will walk any other time than that. (She'll just kinda walk normally?)
Habits and Mannerisms: She doesn't have many habits other than listening on people's conversations through walls, that's something she'll often do, but other than that she has good manners and no habits.

Mood: Calm of happy.
Attitude: She was taught to have a good attitude.
Expressiveness: She shows her emotions to others, she doesn't keep secrets, unless she wants to defend someone who is innocent; that's when she'll lie to someone.
When Happy: She just talks with other people and such.
When Depressed: She'll binge.
When Angry: She takes a walk somewhere where she can be alone, go back to the Grand Chase mansion, go to her room and think of a solution when she calms down.

Current Residence: The Grand Chase Mansion.
Community: Everyone in the GC Mansion are all different, and she doesn't normally speak with anyone outside of the Mansion.
Family: Libra is considers herself as Hyun's mother, and Hyun considers Libra to be her mother.
Friends: Lime, the Zubbi Triplets, Rin.
Enemies: Anyone who goes against Mother Justice's laws of Equality. (Hyun often calls Libra by her Goddess Title when she is in a fight.)
Bosses: Libra, and the laws of Justice and Equality.
Heroes: Mother Justice.
Rivals: N/A
Relates to: Lime and Rin.
Pets/Familiars: N/A

Wardrobe: She wears anything Greek or Roman-like.
Equipment: She uses a war hammer in fights. (Representing a gravel. You know, it's that mallet a judge uses to call order.)
Accessories: Gems (red on the right, blure on the left, whatever is in the middle is an Opal.), and a Libra symbol on her back.
Transportation: Flying or running. (No she does not have any wings.)
Collections: Gemstones, mainly different kinds of Opals.
Prized Possession: Her Scales of Justice she keeps in her room.

Lovers: None (so far? At least one of my friend will make a ship with her and someone else and I might go with it. XD)
Marital Status: Single.
Sex Life: N/A
Position: Dom (Dom only to get out away from the hands of a rapist -cough-Ercnard-coughcough-) sub if she ever decides to have sex with someone.
Plays: She just rather go normally. She'd also rather lose her virginity to someone who wanted to have kids with her.
Fetishes: N/A
Virginity: She's virgin.

Occupation: Helping to save the world.
Work Ethnic: She loves her job.
Rank: There are no ranks... I think?
Income: However much she gets at the end of a mission, sometimes she'll get nothing at all.
Experience: She never really had a job in the past, other than trying to help Libra keep with world justified.
Organizations/Affiliations: Grand Chase.

Religion: She's not religious, but she is spiritual. It's odd hearing it, but y'know what I mean.
Motivation: Correcting something that was wrong.
Philosophy: She sees life as something that needs rules and order. (She is no Professor Umbridge though... I feel like I spelled her name wrong but yeah she's the pink-cat-lady-thing that is too mean for anything. She made me laugh though.)
Influences: Her main influence is Libra.
Relates to: Lime and Rin.
Superstitions: Karma.

Main Goal: Finishing her job on land, and going back to her home in space.
Desires: Justice.
Wishlist: Mace, to keep away the Sieghart.
Secrets: She has nothing to hide.
Worries: Not being able to complete her mission.
Best Dream: Getting Siegu to stop bEING FISHY.
Worst Nightmare: Losing to Injustice.

Likes: Hearing the turth, and seeing people doing the right thing.
Dislikes: Wrongdoings, murder, rape, genocide, stuff like that.
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic/sophisticated/ironic.
Pet Peeves: Loud noises. (Sometimes she can just ignore it, even if she causes the noise herself.)
Superstitions/Beliefs: Karma.
Dreams/Nightmares: When she sleeps, she spends all that time speaking to her mother or her fellow Constellations through her mind; although this only works at night... Technically she doesn't sleep, it's more of her physical form shutting down but her mentality keeps running non-stop.
Can't understand: She can't understand why someone would do such a horrible crime as child abuse, sexually, verbally, or physically.
Guilty Pleasure: She has nothing she could think about to arouse her.

Strengths: She is calm under pressure, she can speak out of line to anyone at any time without embarrassment or worry.
Flaws: She's very decisive, making choices can be difficult and can take a while to make for her, and the reason why is because she has trouble looking at the facts and the possibilities.
Perception: She sees it to be out of control, like my dog Cocoa hearing the word "food" or "walk".
Soft Spot: Seeing someone bad change into someone good, or if she was locked up, and someone forced her to tell information or they would torture who ever it was she was working with, she'd spill every bit of information.
Cruel Streak: Loss.

Powers/Abilities: I haven't decided on all of her powers yet.
Origin: She was born with them.
Ability: Considering she was sent through millions upon billions upon trillions of galaxies to get to this world, she cannot remember, but she is slowly gaining her memory of her powers back.
Weaknesses: Lies she cannot figure out. When she cannot figure out if someone has said something that is a lie, she'll start freaking out and stop doing whatever she is doing; this can leave her open for an attack and if she dwells on it for too long, she could die.
Immunities: She is half immortal. If she dies, she'll go back to her home, but not as a Constellation, but as a black hole, but other wise she really doesn't have any.
Restrictions: After using up one of her attacks (which drain her power), she'll have to just use her War Hammer, it is effective, but it doesn't do as much damage as her other attacks, and it leaves her more open to attacks.
Alternate Forms: If she had her entire life from before back with her now, she'd be able to appear as the first Constellation in full for to walk upon land.
Extra Anatomy: N/A

Favorite Colors: Reds and Blues.
Favorite Animals: Foxes.
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Unicorns. (WEEEE)
Favorite Places: She likes everywhere. :3
Favorite Flavors: Raspberry
Favorite Foods: Noodles.
Favorite Drinks: Coffee. (She's also okay with getting drunk every now and then)
Favorite Characters: Rick Grimmes.
Favorite Genre: Mystery.
Favorite Books: She'll read anything that is given to her.
Favorite Movies: She likes superhero movies/action.
Favorite Games: Beyond Two Souls.
Favorite Shows: The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds.
Favorite Music: Spiritual music.
Favorite Bands: Anyone who plays Spiritual music.
Favorite Songs: Any Spiritual song.
Favorite Sports: Can I count in Martial Arts?
Favorite Stores: N/A
Favorite Numbers: 8
Favorite Websites: YouTube.
Favorite Words: "Justice" "Freedom" "Mercy" "Hope" "Equality"
Favorite Quotations: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Least Favorite Colors: N/A
Least Favorite Animals: Rats.
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: N/A
Least Favorite Places: N/A
Least Favorite Flavors: Vanilla, anything sour.
Least Favorite Foods: Pickles, beans.
Least Favorite Drinks: N/A
Least Favorite Characters: Shane Walsh, The Governor.
Least Favorite Genre: Romance.
Least Favorite Books: She hasn't come across a book she hates.
Least Favorite Movies: N/A
Least Favorite Games: Truth or Dare, Two Truths and a Lie.
Least Favorite Shows: N/A
Least Favorite Music: N/A
Least Favorite Bands:N/A
Least Favorite Songs: N/A
Least Favorite Sports: She doesn't really hate any sports.
Least Favorite Stores: N/A
Least Favorite Subjects: N/A
Least Favorite Numbers: N/A
Least Favorite Websites: N/A
Least Favorite Words: A lot of words ohoho
Least Favorite Quotations: (I hate this one too) "Rape is just pushy lovemaking." (She will kill anyone who says that, even if they are immortal. It throws her into a full rage!)

Languages: English, German and Russian.
Accent: She has a mix of Russian and German.
Greetings and Farewells: "Greetings" and "Farewell" :3
State of Mind: How are you today, Hyun? "I'm doing fine, thank you, and how about you?"
Compliment: "That was EXCELLENT!"
Insult: "Ahahaha, you are very, very funny! Try again when you can actually make my health bar decrease!"
Expletive: "URG, GOD DAMMIT!"
Laughter: (When she thinks something is funny) "Pfffft, ah-hahahahaha" (When she's dying of laughter) "PFFFFFFFFFT, AAAAHAHAHA" when she laughs, it always ends up starting with a "PFFT"
Tag Line: "I see..."
Signature Quote: "In the name of Equality, I, daughter of Justice and Wisdom herself, SHALL DESTROY YOU, WRONGDOER!"

Enneagram: The Investigator
The Self: Deep down within her can be descried as... "War"
The Shadow: Utter hatred and Injustice.

Significance: She is an Entity who must learn how to control Justice AND Injustice. Libra can only control Justice, but because of what is hiding under all of that good lies an uncontrollable evil labeled as "Injustice". If it gets loose, only Hyun could control it.
Alignment: Good/Lawful
Symbol: The symbol of Libra.
Song: Pet by A Perfect Circle.
Vice: Evny
Virtue: Justice.
Defining Moment: End of the War.
Originality: Maybe it could be the species, they idea the concept? I'm not sure.
One Word: Balance.

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