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Here I made a list and a image of those 10 games I would say have been the best and most funniest to play this year from old to new ones in it all!
As always I will make a text for each of them to prove just why they mostly earn their places so hold your horse and if you dont agree with any of it just go to my wall and write that you hate me x"D

10. Paper Marion(N64)
Well I remember to have playing this since I was a lil kid and sure I loved it. A true masterpiece where everything is made into paper and goes into some kind of Rpg styled gen.
Even the humor is fun from a Vulture that cant see the difference in Mario and Luigi to a sleepy club guard that seem to be too lazy to take his job seriously x"D
The dungeons and puzzles are well made and so is the story( I can probably say that my favorite chapter is the 2nd one in DryDry Desert)
The partnere system is what makes this Mario Game unique as it also did in Super Mario Rpg for the Snes which existed long before Paper Mario and could therefore be the games Grandfather!
Paper Mario a true master piece and some I really hold deep from my Gamer childhood..

9. Avatar The Legend of Aang(Wii)
If I would have to choose one of the Avatar Games of those 3 we have I would say the first one! Why? Because it is the most nostalgic one and it show us most creatures and place that appeared in the first season as it besly could. My favorite stage is Omashu which gives most Nostalgy with King Bumi, The post slide system and at last the Cabbage man who only make his appearance in this game.
Also Zuko who doesnt rlly appear in the game as an enemy nor ally appears in some cutscenes as he tries to capture the Avatar( Also we see him with his cute PonyTail x"D)
For being the first game in the triology the bending styles make a great appearance as you use them and the best one is Water that can both heal and become a great advantage against firebending.
The only minus with this game is there is no multiplayer which is pretty sad but unless that...
Avata: Legend of Aang what a great game of our favorite Avatar!

8. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle( Game Cube)
I am a great fan over the Sonic Universe as I read the comic, have played many of the games and I do everything to keep my great nerdiness over my nr:1 gamehero no matter what!
This Game was even my first Sonic game to play while own it myself( I remember playing Sonic2 at a friends house when I was lil kindergarden child!)
Also Games is one the best for its dark story that take place in it. Shadow is for sure one of the best Characters from the modern Sonic Universe and can from the start rlly be seen as villian by many but after learn about his backstory this could rlly change.
The stages are in many ways fun(With some that can be pretty much the opposite of that)
Every theme of every character is unforgetable.
Also one of the funniest parts is the Chao Garden where you can raise your own Chao and make him into a dark or Hero Chao and make him/her/it stronger and compete in races and tounaments with other chaos.
Sonic Adventure 2.... A great Story.

7. Fable 2(360)
What good I could tell about this game... Mostly I love it cuz of the story and in some parts the fighting system.
Also some nice DLC's it have and att last that you can decide if you want to slaughter an entire town or help interesting x"D
I can barely say anything more expect that it looks to be better than the 1st and 3rd in some ways!
Fable 2 a Sad but also good game!

6. One Piece: Pirate Warrior(Ps3)
Who cant say no to a One Piece style version of the one vs 1000 classic Dynasty Warriors game. It gives us the story(with some skips) from the beginning of the manga(Almost) till the final end before the TimeSkip.
Even they are using the Japanese voice which is makes it the best and with all abilities and style this game rlly gives us some One Piece Logic and lots of fun!
One Piece Pirate Warriors.. the years winning pirate game if you ask me x"D

5. Bleach:Soul Ressureccion(Ps3)
With purpose as Pirate Warriors but in Bleach style with all your favorite characters of Espada and Gotei13( Almost).
With one of the greatest story arcs from the series even if they make it short with lesser characters in it( Wished they could have made it with some more Arrancars and Espadas and perhaps some more Gotei13)
But still by just play this game you realize who fun it is and they even added Kokuto and Ichigo in skull clad from the Hell Verse movie and then ofc that gives us the original voice of Kokuto which was made by Kazuya Nakai that is one of the greatest voice actors in entire Japan and Kokuto was his animevoice role in entire Bleach!
But even that you can have all Japanese voices instead of the crappy english ones is a great step.
The only minus with this game is that there is no two player or else it can become more perfect but by add much more to make the story longer.
Bleach : Soul ressureccion yet the best Bleach game been made a released to Europe!

4. BioShock( 360)
One of my favorite game to 360 for its dark and interesting story. Rapture is for sure my favorite place in Bioshock and it is more dark and mystic than Colombia in Infinite.
I love the big daddys and the weapons you use and not to name the wonderful story.... expect for that there is not much to be said! of the best.

3. Elder Scroll V: Skyrim(360)
If we should speak about one game Bethseda should be proud of making it is Skyrim. A game I would hardly forget with its base on Nordic Mythology and such stuff.
All its dungeon got its great style and does mostly have much to explore until you end up face a boss like figure like and Draugr lord, Dragon priest or something greater.
How to use weapons and magic does really make a great step in this game compared to Oblivion who didnt have much the same for being a older one.
The fight with the dragons(or even known for being wyvernes) is one of the funniest parts in the game + it gives to great challenges thats goes from easy to very hard depending on your skills.
Your can both turn yourself into Werewolf and a Vampire Lord(From a DLC) that makes you more powerful.
The Quests in the game are so many that it feels barely impossible to clear them all but thats what makes it so fun to play cuz it feels like a never end story!
Skyrim... The one and only game of the year!

2. Tales Of Xillia(Ps3)
I say that the Tales-games are probably one of the greatest Rpg styled game I have ever played with their own unique battle system!
With Xillia as their newest production it gives us the new style and evolution of the game series.
Yet it is known by many fans to be one of the shortest Tales-games if you just play through the story and so it takes around 30 hours.
But yet the game have an interesting story with great characters from playable to support and at last the bad or antogonistic ones...
My last view on this game to not spoil that much is that even for its short story(for being a tales game x"D) there will come periods in the game when you think are facing the final boss but then your not!
Tales of Xillia probably the best made of all Tales Games from now!

1. Mass Effect 2
And so it is the Grand Finale on my list the choice of the best game I have played year 2013 is Mass Effect 2. Even for have playing through the 1st and a big part of the 3rd( Havent completed it cuz of that got some kind of "virus" on some files which ruined my Account but I saved it in the end) I can yet say that the 2nd game gives us one of the greast adventure with many of my favorite crew members in a story to save the galaxy from the collectors.
My favorite Crew member is Mordin Solus the Salarian doctor with his way of being him simply.
The story first builds up on find your new crew which gives many new adventures and action.
The game is even known for having the biggest number of crew and that includes Garrus and Tali from the 1st game who will follow you through all 3 games unless they get killed.
Even Liara(which is in fact my favorite crewmember from the 1st game) is playable through one DLC which even can give effects in the 3rd game if you import the saving file.
But now over to the best part of the game as it happends in the end so if you want to get Spoiled or not I say..





In the end you will be given the risk to perhaps to bring death to half or maybe entire your crew if you do not upgrade some stuff(this gives the games final mission a sadder but even intresting ending story that gives effects on the 3rd game if you import your saving file) Yet I find this very interesting as everything that gives changes in the 3rd installement!

Mass Effect 2 nr 1 on my list!
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