Nathaneil Rafajach Picture

Here we have Nathaneil Rafajach in both his human and original forms.
Nathan is a Nack and as of such finding information on what the actually look like (they are shape sifters) is nigh impossible. There are literally hundreds of texts on Nacks and their variants. Basically they are water spirits, hence the ability to shape shift. The are masters of the Violin and play so wonderfully they can place you in a trance as they slowly lead you down to the depths of their various watery abodes. Now Nacks are not on the pure evil side, you can actually learn how to play like a Nack from a Nack. The texts place a few different ways to do this. The first part in all of them is a desire to learn, for a couple of the story's this burning desire is enough, for others it isn't. The best way to get a Nack to teach you is to sacrifice a black lamb or black bull to the watery spirit. You have to sacrifice it so the blood flows in to the water. You can also use various other black foods, like purple corn or the few black flowers in existence. The color black is thought to symbolize the murky blackness of the deep water.
You can also make a Nack a protector of your village, basically the same way you get him to teach you how to play, except you have a different desire burning in your heart, and the sacrifices are more periodical such as Midsummer's Night, Christmas Eve (after the spread of Christianity), or on Thursdays (Thors day).

Nathaneil rafajach = me
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