My latest Runecast Picture

Read from Right to left:
(yes they're read backwards FYI)

Thurisa (inverted) "ph" or "th"
Nauthis (inverted) "n"
Perth (inverted) "p"

Phoenetically they don't mean a lot alone.
But the positions are crucial.
The rightmost place is the "Overview" of Current Events,
the middle position is the "Problem" the obstacle within the present that is holding you back.
And the Leftmost rune will tell you the best course of action to overcome it.

So on page 118 of the comic, when Gaz drew Algiz (inverted) "Ill health" Kano (inverted) "Darkness" and Dagaz "Transformation"
I basically translate that as Gaz's rehabilitation is the result of ill health (having spent ages wandering the desert and getting his ass kicked by a sand shark) he wishes to continue his quest but there is darkness in his heart over what happened to Clare.
And the only way he is going to progress past this is to become more than human..

Runes are very handy.
You see?
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