Argonautica 2000 Picture

A competition piece for an art community on the topic of a cinematic reinterpretation of 'Jason and the Argonaunts'.

Argonautica 2000
My concept takes place in the year 2000 of an alternate time line. Where ancient Greece continued it's rule
till modern time, and their remarkable feats of technological advancements raced ahead unhindered.
By the year 2000, space exploration became the norm, and traversing the far reaches of our galaxy was feasible.

My vision for the concept of the technology in this world is to be grounded in reality, especially the aesthetics.
Jason is a space explorer and his suit is not geared towards combat. My aim was for his suit to remain somewhat ordinary, built to do the job without superfluousness.
Despite being in the far future (compared to the real world), the Greeks have strong culture and I wanted to show this by
reflecting ancient Greek aesthetics in the design.
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