Freyja, Goddess of love Picture

As described in the title, this is kinda how I always pictured the Norse goddess Freyja. I know that she's mostly portrayed as a blonde, just like her brother Freyr. But I'd always imagined that someone with dark hair would be more of an "exotic beauty" due to the fact that most of the other gods seem to have stereotypical Norse hair.

The necklace she's wearing is supposed to be the Brisingamen, a piece of jewellery made by dwarfs. She had to sleep with all for of them to get it as a gift. I originally wanted to draw her right after gaining the necklace, that’s why her hair looks so sloppy (she sleepwalked to the place where she met the dwarfs) and her face both reserved and a little sad. (At least that's what I tried to do...
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