Jacques of Sacrosanct line art Picture

this is the savior born from Lillene, created by queen Elizoria, and Merylreize to free the future women from slaver etc.
(these are the future Gods)

i will write down the story line later.

go check out the other characters in my gallery labled "sacrosanct".

this is just the line art, i will update him fully colored with additional information.

Jacques- means supplanter

supplanter- : to take the place of and serve as a substitute for especially by reason of superior excellence or power

the only reason and purpose he is on this earth is to overthrow the highest men in charge and when that task is accomplished he must give the worlds power to the sacrosanctian queen Elizoria..

but Jacques must be killed.. because his DNA build up has 8% of a mans (mistakenly, i'll write the story later) and the highest women of sacrosanct do not trust this 8% no matter how well they have raised him..

so after he has completed his job he will be sacrificed
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