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Profile for: Na'omi Trowbridge

Gender: Female
Race: Purple bunny
Age: 17
Birthdate: January 28
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Blood Type: B
Height: 5'8
Measurements: ...what?
Beliefs/Religion: Catholic Christian
Hobby: Knitting, but would never admit it
(Twist): ...what?

Basic Description: A lively, easily-excited girl who can't resist a party, even one she isn't invited to. (Can be taken both metaphorically and literally.)

Current Information
>family background
Originated in England. Na'omi's mother married an Australian, and so now they reside in Australia.
>birth place
Liverpool, England
>history, background
Na'omi originally had a British accent, and though can still revert to it, usually resorts to her Australian accent (which she picked up after moving) to make the locals understand. Her father died in war just last year. Her mother works at a safari. Mr. Trowbridge trained her in self-defense and her mother in how to recognize whether or not you're in enemy territory, whether to confront the enemy or run, and even the most uncommon types of terrain. Combining these makes her suitable for battling.
Na'omi lives with her mother, Ruth; aunt, Mara; and uncle, Gabriel. Mara is currently pregnant six months, so Na'omi is either attentionless or forced to help prepare the baby's room--neither of which she wants. As a result, Na'omi usually spends her time with friends, either at parties, work, sleepovers, get-togethers, clubs she isn't involved in, anything.
> possesions, make-up, jewelry, etc.
Usually carries a canvas bag of knitting supplies.
> pets
Doesn't believe in pets, only captive animals.

Physical Description
>hair style
Brick red, curly, reaches about three inches below her shoulders; down
A soft, fluffy, light brown
In shape -- jogs two miles every morning with her mother
> physical condition
Slowly, her health is deteriorating, due to her drinking
One scar on the back of her left leg which she got from toying around with her father's knives, though she tells others that she just tripped.
Anything colorful and neon.

Social events, getting paid, shopping, cuddly items, sleeping, pizza, chocolate, chocolate ripple logs (an Australian version of an icebox cake), anything involving friends
Openly prejudiced people, premature sex or pregnancy, anything unhealthy, writing reports
Vampires and other mythological creatures, death, illness
To become a doctor and serve at least four years in war
Skateboarding, getting drunk illegally, partying, knitting, just having fun
Part-time as an assistant at a doctor's office
>favorite food
Chocolate ripple logs
>least favorite food
>most prized possession (important or emotional value)
A necklace given to her by her grandmother (the heirloom). She keeps it in her canvas bag.
>vernacular (way of speaking)
Australian most of the time, but British when communicating with either her mother or the British/American.
> psychological condition
>character behaviour
Wild; often regarded insane. Would party twenty-four-seven if it was physically possible. Despite insisting that she's healthy as can be, she's hypocritical; she drinks prematurely and without her family's knowing.
Very sharp, catches on quickly
>social and other pressure, problems
Often conflicts with her aunt over irrelevant, everyday things. Despite having drunk before, always makes an attempt to stop the next time her friends pressure her to.
>relationships (with who and what kind)
Mother - maternal, is protective of Ruth; Aunt - competitive, always arguing; Uncle - maternal, is protective of Gabriel; Oscar - love, currently dating
>beliefs, superstition, moral value
Believes "pets" is a name for captive animals and refuses to have one. Believes that superstitions are for old crones. Holds her morals high.
> positive characteristics
Talkative, lively, listens well, a shoulder to cry on, keeps secrets
>negatives characteristics
Talkative, has quite a bit of a temper, holds grudges
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