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Seriously I love Isabella to death!!!!!

Name: Isabella Diamond

Nickname(s): None (yet)

Birthday: 9/15/1998 (15 years old)

Special Features:
- Swag Cap (All Forms)
- Fringe (All Forms)
- Eiffel Tower Bracelet (Anthro and Gijinka Form)

Gender: Female

History: Isabella was born into a family of eight. She was the fifth child in the family, having two older brothers and two older sisters before her and having three younger brothers after her, so because of the male predominancy, she dressed in a tomboy style. These two factors made Isabella seeming confident and outgoing. This was pure deception. Isabella is actually very shy and quiet.

Living with a big family meant not a lot of quiet time. However since she was part of a big family this meant a big place. She lived next to a forest that the eight of them would play in. Isabella was the only introverted child in the family, so when the rest were playing out side, Isabella was up in a tree. While she was up in the tree, she would read. Isabelle would read books to escape reality for an illusion. She loved the idea of altered realities that make great adventures. Through her passion for fantasy, her own creativity and imagination, she began to write her own stories. She never shared them with anyone as she didn't have someone to share them with.

At school she didn't have friends. The only people that would see purposely talk to her were bullies. The three bullies would just tease Isabella for being shy and quiet. The bullies were the reason Isabella had grown out her fringe to cover her eyes, they teased her about their color. Since she got bullied no one else wanted to be her friend, so she was alone throughout primary school. She first gained friends during High School. Her bullies had gone to another school which left Isabella with the chance to find friends. She became friends with three girls who became the world to her. Her friends also introduced a new world to Isabella. This world, along with the other worlds Isabella had written, was Music.

Isabella fell in love with Music in a heart beat. She had never really listened to a lot of music as she was outside a lot and didn't use a lot of technology. Listening music through her friends opened up a new world and possibilities. She became instantly addicted. She brought her own instrument and learnt to play guitar. She would sit at the bottom of a tree and play songs and sing to herself. She never liked to sing in front anyone, but had been caught of guard. her friends had come around, while she was strumming and singing and had walked around trying to find her. They found Isabella singing a the bottom of a tree and wouldn't stop telling Isabella to preform. As Isabella was extremely shy, she would refuse. Her friends kept on nagging Isabella for the next three days, but Isabella was persistent and her friends eventually gave up on the idea, but Isabella continued to sing and play guitar at the bottom of the tree.

Isabella's world soon came crashing down. All of her friends were moving and they would all be split up. Her friends were everything to Isabella, when they moved, Isabella felt like a part of her had died, she was all alone again, she felt lost in the world. She didn't know how to move on, but didn't want to stay in her hometown as it reminded her of her friends. In her depression Isabella decided to try and find a new life. On a whim, Isabella packed her things and walked out of the house. She didn't know where she was going but she wondered on. After a day or two Isabella came across a wonderful city and decided to make it her new home.

- Reading
- Writing
- Song Writing
- Playing Guitar
- Singing
- Painting

- Winter
- Night time
- Forests
- Sitting in tree branches
- Magic
- Greek Mythology
- Music

- Math (Terrible at it)
- Spoilers
- Scary Movies
- Small Spaces
- Public Speaking
- Big Crowds

- Sexual Orientation: Straight
- Relationship Status: Single
- Hides eyes under fringed after being teased because they are purple
- Has long hair that she hides up under cap
- Never worn a dress
- Wants to travel, but never has

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