Lindwurmon Picture

This is Blazermon’s dark ultimate evolution, its clique but every digimon goes through this, wither it’s in mega, ultimate, or digi-armor evolution. Lindwurmon is beserk, he won’t listen to anything I say and is uncontrollable, but physically weak. I decided that his technique was to defeat opponents indirectly through deceit and stuff. Luckily he’s not like other Lindwurmon who are intelligent cowards and instead goes on a rampage using Hex Hands and Burning Wraith; feeding on any fear that it causes, which makes it stronger, harder to defeat, and crazier. I somewhat copied the basic form off of some webcomic I saw and converted it, the big problem was trying to come up with a name for this thing. Spent two days shifting through wiki for some kind of poisonous serpent like creature. Whenever I typed in “swamp dragon”, or “dragon that lives in swamps” I got nothing. I decided that the official backstory of the digimon would have a Norse like background due to me reading Beowulf as I came up with the concept. The ring on its tail is an infernal ring, the demonic version of the Holy ring and an indirect salute to LORD OF THE RINGS.

And like always the background is half-assed.

:Alert: I can't get rid of the white space bellow the pic.

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