Generic Place Guardian Picture

Not really sure. XD I've been drawing these on and off for about three years. It was inspired by some doodles I saw on a desk, and originally they looked a lot like Dragonairs... the Pokemon. XD I'm coloring this right now, and the color is a bit similar to a Dragonair, too. Not really intentional. For shame on me.

This is a generic Place Guardian. They're like Elemental Guardians (example: Satoshi of Air, Sasha's father), only they guard a specific place (like, one forest or freshwater body). In essence, they're demigods to the Elementals' godliness. However, the Elementals are much more humanoid in form. Place Guardian animals (dragonair-horses?) are holy creatures, though, and are revered. If you happen to see a Place Guardian, it is said that you get good luck, at least in the area they're Guardian of.

Their appearance differs from area to area... this is a forest guardian or something. Probably. This is probably the most generic they get. See, there is a mythological place where all these godly creatures live. There are some that do not guard anything and just sort of live there. I suppose this is one of them.

This is kind of an experiment, submitting this right now.
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