The Quartet Redesign (NOT FINISHED) Picture

This is not finished! There are so many things wrong with this picture. But I have no idea when, if ever, I'll actually get around to fixing them and at any rate, it's a major improvement from the original:…

When it's finished if it turns out to be different enough, I may just submit it as a separate deviation rather than replacing this one. However if I do, this one will go into scraps.

I’ll write out depth explanations of their design, characteristics and world once I actually finish the picture. But here’s a basic summary …


These four creatures are characters I came up a long time ago that I like to draw occasionally. They are close friends that live in an ancient mystical forested valley and often find themselves in various silly misadventures. Though I've had many ideas about the friends, their world and the creatures they coexist with, I never really got around to making much with them.

The valley the live in is populated by various other creatures (such as these guys… inspired by nature and mythology, but most work I came up regarding the valley was primarily focused on the four in the picture.

The valley and it's mountains are filled with the (monster infested) ruins of an ancient and advanced civilization. Some of these ruins lead deep beneath the world's surface to places unknown. Within the valley and it's ruins are many hidden secrets, some of which are very powerful. Guarding over the valley and it's secrets is the giant dinosaur spirit, Nagwhar (….

The tallest is a calm and collected creature that enjoys peace and tranquility. He likes to spend his time meditating or listening to, or playing, soft music. However if needed, such as if his friends get into trouble, he is quick to react and is an excellent fighter. Though he doesn't really enjoy it. In fact he hates fighting, especially due his troubled past which he has yet to discuss with anyone else.

The creature with green eyes, far left, is a Mujina. He is a shape shifter, but most times he takes on the form of a small furry animal that no one can identify. His form often goes from surreal and goofy (such as this picture) to more realistic (like the original picture) depending on his mood. He is a friendly yet mischievous creature that oftentimes unwittingly gets himself (and his friends) into trouble. He enjoys exploring new things, bizarre foods and telling stories (often more by shape-shifting his body than actually speaking).

The rat-tailed creature with to the right appears to be a non-sentient animal like creature that often acts as the cuddly pet of the group. When with his friends he spends his time snoozing or getting caught up in their adventures. But when his friends aren't around he reveals himself to be much more aware and complicated being with secrets purposes…

Finally to the far right is the spirit of a child that died before it was born. He (everyone refers to it as “him” but it could have just as well been female before dying) is a shy and depressive creature. He no knowledge of what life was like when he was alive other than memories of a soft constant beating sound and a blurred voice that soothed him. But his friends are happily be there for him. In return he tries to be as much help to them as possible (though he often tries to help others anyway when he can too). He has glowing tail, which often proves very useful for going through dark areas. He often likes to doodle, be near his friends or play with inanimate objects when no one is around and pretend that they’re alive.

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