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My Hell Angel for the Sad Star Soldiers, I need to give a little BG on Mexican Mythology in order for otheres to understand his abilities. A Nahual is a familiar spirit which can be anything from a fly to lightning that can be called at will by a person. EVERYONE has a nahual, the trick is learning how to call upon it. People who have found out how to call upon their nahual also gain the ability to do "magic", that is levitation and other minor abilities.

Chupacabras-a monster with large red eyes which hunts livestock and other animals at night, tearing them open to eat their innards. For this case, i will be using the accounts that depict it as an eagle like creature that is approx. 8 feet from wing to wing.

Name: Xtlalcoatlipoca
Timeline: 1 AD-escaped captors and gained FD
..............2 AD- met a Hell Angel that recognized him as a potential ally
...............3 AD-HAs began studying his language and taught him theirs
................4 AD-Began training to become Red Leader
................16 AD-Finished training and was recognized as a Hell Angel
................20 AD-began wandering the land
................22 AD-sacrifices his eye to defeat a band of SSS
................36 AD-finally learns to summon shadites to their full potential
Faction: Hell Angels
Role: Red Leader
UA: Fiesta Pagana-(Pagan Party)
Calls upon the power of his Nahual, Xupakyabras(chupacabras in his language), thus transforming into the dread monster of his land.
DA-Hasta que el cuerpo aguante-(Until the body gives out)
The formless darkness had an unfortunate effect on his mind, warping his personality as well as his religious beliefs. Thus Xtlalcoatlipoca will not eat, drink, fight or, well, anything unless he receives a "sign" from his Gods which can come in the from of literally everything. Due to this he is emaciated, and nearly insane from dehydration and hunger.
OA: El Sol no regresa-(the Sun Doesn't Return)
Requires 20 live sacrifices to the God Shtlakol, an immense ammount of FD and the sacrifice of a part of the user's body to call the rain and storms to obscure the Sun thus allowing him free movement in the daytime. Causes major damage to the area it was used in and only used when absolutely necessary, as Xtlalcoatlipoca does not like bothering the gods for petty reasons.

Born a priest in a far off land no one seems to have even heard of, Xtlalcoatlipoca devoted his life to the Gods. when he was 30 strange men arrived in his country and captured some to take as slaves, one of them beig Xtlal. Mid-voyage, he escapes by using a lifeboat to sail to land, however he had no idea where to sail. Dying and hopeless, a voice suddenly spoke to him and endowed him with formless darkness. Finding he was now extremely sensitive to sunlight, he figured the gift was from Tezza, god of the underworld and devoted himself to pleasing his God, ignoring his original deity, Quatlotz. After reaching land he began wandering aimlessly across Astralis. Eventually he met a Hell Angel that found out that beneath his strange Headgear lay a Trap. He took him to HA headquarters, where another Hell Angel figured out his language and taught him the tongue of the Land. He gladly took their training regiments and joined the faction as a Red Leader, for in his home there was no greater honor than to die in battle. He does not kill needlessly but is not averse to killing women and children when he thinks his Gods demand a sacrifice (he kills both mother and child, never one or the other).

Random facts-
He is very short, but claims he is average size for his people.Approx. 4"4
He has never changed clothes since his capture.
He can float but not fly unless he's in his nahual form.
Amiable with everyone, except enemies.
Refuses to drink alchohol.
Has only one eyem as he savrificed the other to defeat a Sad Star Soldier who insulted his religion.
Will drop down and pray anywhere, anytime.
He's a decent speaker of Astralis' main language but has an accent that obviously marks him as an outsider(Think Engrish)
Only cusses in his native tongue.
People who read my comic WTH should definitely recognize him.
Chupacabras is doubly as sensitive to sunlight as his normal form. Can only be used at night or in a dark place(no sunlight).
His clothes are a Mish-mash of ancient cultures, focused mainly on the incas(poncho) and the Aztecs(skirt-like thing).
Likes any type of food.
Claims his people live very long lives due to their devotion, saying that's why he appears young at age 66.
Finds Deb's ability to directly contact what he belives are Deb's gods infinitely awesome.
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