Luarra Honnez (+ Troll Review) Picture

SS: you can set up the info however you want bro, it’s cool (i deleted it for less post stretching). also wow she’s a doll, and her lusus too. and that ancestor. just wow all across the board. it kind of looks like her sprite might be misaligned, but it could just be the placement of her pupils

Name: Luarra Honnez ((Nothing special to it, sadly v n v)) (SS: hmmm names with meanings are always more fun, but i have a few fantrolls with purely aesthetic names myself so i don’t really have room to talk haha. but maybe just look into changing it? especially the last name)
Planet: Alternia
Blood: Similar to Sollux / Mustard / Yellow ; Slightly brighter
Lusus: Dinosaur ((Dumb, I know. I suck when it comes to Lusii and Wings)) (SS: how does her lusus relate to her character? what influence does it have on her life?)
((Specibus to Personality is sadly undecided yet, I haven’t given too much thought to… Any, of my fantrolls))
Dreamer: Derse
God Tier: Thief of Hope ((Spelled it wrong in the image asdf)) (SS: i do that all the time man it drives me crazy. i before e, i before e)
Quirk: Undecided
Trolltag: demonRebel
Land Name: Land of Shadows and Voodoo (SS: what is this land based off of? usually lands are a reference to a troll’s aspect, interests, or personal quest)
Ancestor: The Bane (Better known as: Malo Perniciosus (Latin for Evil Bane)) (SS: ancestors usually follow an 8 letter rule or something that shortens to 8 letters (her imperious condescension = the condesce) quirks can be a loophole to this rule ie the psiionic and the exp8riot. there are few exceptions like grand highblood and spinneret, but the point is the bane just sounds too short for an ancestor title, and the other one is… idek… i appreciate where you were trying to go with it, but it’s not working. you could make it a compound like mindfang and just add another four letter word to bane, depending on who or what exactly she was a bane to)
Symbol: ((I don’t remember what it’s called asdf)) (SS: that’s fine, i guess, as long as you know what it means. and if you don’t, look it up again!)
I suck at info asdf
I hope she’s not too awful ; u ;
((Sorry for the double submit, The first one had the wrong image on it ; o
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