The Kraken Picture

The kraken is based on the sea monster in Clash of the
Titans. He isn't truly an evil monster but he is certainly a viscous one. Only 3 monsters left in this series now.

Sea Beast
the Kraken:
Size: 190 ft tall
Powers: Powerful hydro jet cutter blast, Ink blast
Appearances: Insula Monstra, Lord of the Monsters, The Final Invasion
Bio: The scientists soon learned many things about the kaiju when they reached Insula Monstra. Although they expected the dangers of the island to be the kaiju themselves, they found a different menace. The island was home to huge rats. They grew up to 10 ft tall. Although it was first suspected that these rats where the result of the rats being exposed to the mutanium in the kaiju, they soon found a Niales craft crash site. The rats on the island where surviving by feasting on the islands plants and each other. The larger kaiju in turn fed on the rats.
As they explored the island they were unable to locate any nests. However, one thing they did find was that the island had very abnormal seismic activity. The scientists at first theorized that the island was shrinking due to this activity. But, as they examined the coastline, they realized the opposite was happening. Insula Monstra was growing.
The mutanium was affecting the whole island. Many of the plants were larger than average, as where the insects. The scientists began to debate how fast this island was growing. One scientist theorized that the island would continue growing until the mutanium supply was used up. Another scientist theorized a far graver outcome. He theorized that the island would continue to grow indefinitely. The other scientists quickly rejected this hypothesis, and pointed out that none of the kaiju were growing indefinitely.
One scientist reminded the others of their mission on this island. They continued their search for any nests. Unfortunately, they found one. The nest was guarded by Pantherasaurus. The scientists knew they had to destroy the nests before the eggs hatched. Knowing they could do nothing at the moment, they set up camp on the beach.
They were woken up in the night by terrible roars. D. Rex was bellowing at a monster they’d never seen before. It was a huge octopus like creature. Unimaginatively, they named the new monster after the mythological Kraken. The Kraken seemed to be after Pantherasaurus’ eggs. It appeared to be instinctively trying to kill any of its competition for food. D. Rex let loose a stream of fire at the Kraken. The sea beast countered with a powerful blast of water. The attack ripped apart the jungle canopy and even blasted of one of D. Rex’s plates. Pantherasaurus joined the battle to. She swung her tail at the Kraken. The Kraken flung its tentacles at her in return.
The scientists realized they now had the chance to destroy the nest. The snuck through the jungle to the nests. They placed the explosives in the nest. As the scientist held the detonator he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He couldn’t kill the monsters growing in the eggs. The other scientists grew impatient and told him to destroy the nest, but he couldn’t. He had realized that the kaiju weren’t truly monsters, they were only animals just like himself.
But someone else could. The roars grew closer as the Kraken drove the defending parents back to their nest. The scientists quickly fled the area. The Kraken released another hydrogen jet cutter at the nest. Pantherasaurus threw herself in front of the nest. The jet of water tore at the flesh of her leg. She collapsed in pain. D. Rex launched himself at the octopus. He bit and slashed the larger kaiju in an effort to make him leave. The Kraken prepared another blast of high powered water. D. Rex immediately fired a jet of flames with all his might at the sea monster. The Kraken roared in pain. The whole right side of his faced was singed. He fled back for the ocean. D. Rex went to check on Pantherasaurus. But as he let his guard down, the Kraken sent one last spiteful jet of water at the nest. The eggs were destroyed, and the Kraken fled back into the sea. D. Rex left the recovering Pantherasaurus to check on the eggs. As he saw the mess that was the remains of his nest, he let out a mournful roar.
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