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★ Name: Niimura Chihiro / Chiro (stage name)
★ Age: 17
★ Gender: Female
★ Date of Birth: February 8
★ Star Sign: Aquarius
★ Blood Type: A

★ Height: 1.70 cm
★ Subject: Mythology
★ Homeroom: 3 - C

★ Club: Drama
★ Sport: Basketball
★ Likes: Her family, Food, People, Clothes, Makeup, Modeling, Stories, Making people happy, getting work done, Fashion
★Dislikes: Cold, Sweets, insect, getting dirty, being late, people who gets in her way,

★ Personality:

Chihiro is a very hardworking person; she believes that if you put your whole hearth in things you can make things happen. She is also a workaholic, so this combination often leads her to exestuation, which she thinks of as a weakness. Also she is very stubborn and will not listen to reasons when she is set up in accomplishing or having something. After all she is confident in herself and her ability to make things happen. Sometimes she is too confident and ends up biting more than she can chew.
Even though she is very occupied with all her activities she still loves meeting people and is a extroverted person, she loves making people smile and thinks that with modeling she can help and make people believe in their own power too.
She is good at organizing activities and things, she can remember perfectly what she has to do at the exact time and hates it when she cannot fulfill it or she is late for it. It also bothers her when people cannot fulfill her expectative, she will not wait for anybody to come around and change. You got just one opportunity.
She is very easy to read; whenever she is laying or hiding anything she always gets nervous and ends up running away. This makes her, in the situation she is, look shy and very introverted. Chihiro is also quite naïve, she does not know a lot of the world and has always lived in a happy family, and nobody has ever tried to hurt her for real. She thinks everybody has lived the same way.

★ Biography:
Chihiro was born in a very normal and loving family; her four brothers always “played” with her and her parents were always there. Her father was a successful astronomer and her mother used to be a very famous model, but when her fourth child was born she decide to quit her career so that she could watch her children grow up and to take care of them better. Chihiro was her third child, and when she found out a picture of her mother in her golden days she wanted to be the just like her. She developed a love for dressing up, putting her mother makeup and clothes. Her dad always toke picture of her and supported her, even though he had wanted her to be the one to follow his steps.
After a lot of hard work and homeschooling, Chihiro’s dream finally came true, she was a rising star in the fashion world, people wanted to see more of her. There was only one problem, throughout her childhood; Chihiro had read novels, mangas and all sorts of things. All of them said that the high school was the best time of your life and she wanted to experience that thing that everybody called “youth”. She spoke with her parents about it and told them that she would pay all her expenses. Her dad agreed, but her mother was worried. She had become popular and meeting people that would like her for what she was would not be as easy as her daughter thought.
Her aunt was more against it, she wanted her to continue her career, and she thought that leaving at that time, in which she was wanted, was a waste and no matter how much her niece wished for it, she would not let her. She was Chiro’s agent after all. However Chihiro was not going to leave modeling nor sacrifice her high school time. She was set in doing both, so she chose to work when she had vacations or time. Her aunt saw that she could no longer stop her niece, so she accepted. She just asked Chihiro to promise to enter the drama club and if someone ever found out that she was Chiro, she had to leave her high school dream idea and focused in modeling. Chihiro was okay with it, she was up for the challenge.
Her mother helped Chihiro in hiding her identity. She had to wear a costume, something that would make her look “normal”. Of course all of Chihiro’s brothers wanted in and made her in what she is today. She was not very happy with her appearance, there was nothing flattering or beautiful, even her long beautiful hair had been taken away.
She decided to enter a school which could be found far away from the city, there people would definitely not recognize her. And also it had something to do with stars and stuff. It was perfect, a different and a secret school. Her dad had attended there when he was young, so her parents knew it was a good school and the perfect place for her daughter to experience “youth”.

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