Dance central oc Blake Minola sketch and Profile Picture

Alright everyone, here`s the sketch of (one of a few) my Male dance central oc Blake Minola and his profile
Fullname: Blake Minola

Nickname: Fratello (Brother in Italian)

Physical Appearance: Blake is kinda short, only being up to Emilia`s shoulder. He has messy black hair with long bangs and Bright blue eyes that he inherited from his mother, and he`s also kinda skinny but he has mucles. He`s very pale and almost always has the same frown/bored look, but in truth he`s always happy, just doesn`t like to show it.

Age: 17

Birthplace: Rome, Italy

Birthday: Dec. 19

Personality: Despite his emo and dark looks, he`s very shy around new people and his older sister`s friends. Once he gets to know someone better, he becomes more open and friendly to them. He can be clingy to his siblings, but that`s because of what happened in the past. He sometimes becomes insecure about his dancing skills when he see`s his sisters do impressive dance moves, but he`s always willing to push himself to be just as good as his sisters. Blake can speak both Italian and English, but since he moved to america, he doesn`t like speaking Italian around other people, but he does sometimes to his family and close friends. His also has a light Italian accent when he speaks in english, and he has trouble saying some words in english.

Crew: Blake and his sisters have thier own crew called "Mezzanotte Della Musica" Which means "Midnight Music lover" In english, but the crew is called "Mezzanotte" For short.

Favorite Dance Central Routine: Meddle-Little boots

Favorite Crew/Crew Member and Why: He admires the Glitteradi for thier one-of-a-kind style and their dance moves.

Phobias: Death and being alone.

Biography: Born into a rich family, he was the third-born child to an American mother and Italian Father. When his sister Beatrice was born, his mother died during child-birth, and that effected him greatly. He became distant to everyone in the family and was cold to Beatrice, blaming her for thier mother`s death. After a very long talk from his siblings and father, he tells his sister that he is deeply sorry for wrongly blaming her for thier mother`s death. When he turned 16, his father died from a car crash, and he and his siblings moved to American to live with there Grandmother and Cousin Neoma. He and his sisters was at the beach when they met the Riptide crew. His sisters were impresed with thier dancing and challenged them to a dance off, draging him along. It turns out that they were really great and then they went on and challenged the other crews, leding up to the final showdown with the evil Dr.Tan. After defeating him and nearly escape death, the trio formed their own crew; "Mezzanotte Della Musica." Or "Mezzanotte." For short.

Family (if any): His grandmother, Adriana(his oldest sister) Beatrice(Younger sister) Adriano(Older brother) and Neoma(American Cousin)

Love life: He has a small crush on Miss Aubery with her dance style and looks. He gets very shy around her and sometimes complaments her in Itailan.

Skills: He secretly creates clothes for his sisters and he made thier crew`s crew and street style.

Favorite Movie: Friday the 13th(2009) He loves scary movies.

Favorite Song: Morning Star- Blackmore`s Night.

Favorite Place to Go: To the beach, where his crew started and when he is thinking about his mother.

Favorite Video Game : Okami, he loves learning about mythology.
I`m sorry if this came out too light and hard to see, I`ll Do a better one of him(And his crew) When I get the chance ^.^ I hope you all like this ^.^
Also, if there`s any misspelling or typos here, please let me know and I`ll fix it.
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