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Sailor Moon / Naoko Takeuchi - I'll admit it was the anime that got me started on this series, but it was the manga that truly influenced me deeply. It started me on my first writing endeavor, and influenced me to create Ecliptic Empire. Naoko's character design and story were huge influences in the way I write and draw. I believe it's still apparent in my art today.

capsule - out of all the music I listen to, this group's songs make me the most inspired. I have a soft spot for both pop and trance, and capsule combines it so seamlessly that it's amazing. The song starry Sky was the first that hooked me, and ever since obtaining their discography their music constantly spurs me to write, create, and draw. I love capsule so much each character has their own theme song by them. I'm that obsessed.

No Doubt - The number one influence on me throughout my middle to high school years. No one who grew up in the 90s doesn't know who they are. Their songs are unique and multiply inspired. Ska, 80s pop, blues, and even rap nuzzles it way into their methodology. Their songs served as anthems for many teens, and it holds the same for me.

Halo - Although I've played the game and loved it, it was Halo's story that affected and inspired me the most. I've read the novels up to Contact Harvest and have Essentials and Cole Protocol to go. I've got to say, the story of Halo has inspired me so much, the greatest in my world-building, it's a constant joy to play, read, and see. The characters are endearing, the story is well written, and the adventure of the plot is fun to continue. I love Halo dearly, and it's one of the main things that got me through high school.

Cowboy Bebop - Who didn't watch this when it aired? It's one of the most original sci-fi stories out there. It's unique to the letter and no series after it has even scratched the surface. From Yoko Kano's music to the epic worlds that fill this series, this is one story that won't age with time.

The Iron Giant - My favorite childhood movie and a emotional influence through my childhood life, this is the movie that sparked my love of machinery, and their capability to be human. This movie hit very home with me, and I empathizes with most of the characters. This sparked my love of imbuing non-human things with personalities and souls, much like this movie did.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - The two movies, Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion were actually what I saw first, making me see it out-of-order, but what I saw shaped my mentality for pain, suffering, and struggles, affecting me deeply. Not only did the series shape my way of thinking about robots living but it inspired my way of creating things with deeper meaning and origins. The commentary of both of these movies are not only a riot, but deeply informative, grinding deep into the roots of Christian and Babylonian mythology. This sparked not only my love of mythology beyond that of the Greek and Roman pantheon, but aspired my love of digging deep into ancient human culture.

Animorphs - This series was my bane of existence all throughout middle school. It was my happy place and my brain food which spurred me on in very depressing times. The story of Animorphs would've never been read by 5th graders, and probably shouldn't have if not for the constant order forms of the Book club that kept our parents from reading them beforehand. The story is dark, depressing, violent, and gory. Something that a 5th grader would never read in a normal book. The series is also highly accurate in both it's animal and astrological science, sparking my interest further in both fields. The story is well structured, it has it consequences, faulted characters with real feelings, and the most amazing aliens I've ever seen.

A Wind in the Door / Madeleine L'Engle - The sequel to her commonly reading-list classic A Wrinkle in Time most people are unaware that book was the start of a series, and L'Engle wrote two main series, that of A Wrinkle in Time, the Kairos series, and Meet the Austins, the Chronos series. Both overlapped each other and intersected, inspiring me to interweave my own stories like hers.

But Wind in the Door was special to me Proginoskes, or as they called him "Progo", was an emotional comfort to me, and became my first book crush, inspiring a long-lived habit of falling for the aliens X3;; The second book in the series was, in my opinion, better written than the first, and far more in-depth. The whole adventure and journey is heartful, full of struggle, and inspirational speech. This is a mainstay of how I build my stories, and an inspiration to my main character Ourei.

Pokemon - I've been playing Pokemon since I was 9 years old and used my own money to buy a Berry Gameboy Color and Pokemon Yellow. With my love of animals and adventure, I loved not only training my Pokemon, but taking care of them.

The Pokemon games are not only well designed, but well written, and they always have something new to grip you with. I've played the first gen through the fourth and am eagerly awaiting the fifth generation.

The Magician's Nephew / C.S. Lewis - The Narnia chronicles were a huge influence on how I pictured the world and the universes beyond it. The Magician's Nephew is the oft-ignored first book in the series, and not only starts and explains the travel between worlds, but literally creates the world of Narnia within. Most reader of this series skip this book completely, which is a travesty, because without it you are missing the roots and origins of Narnia itself, as well as the birth and arrival of Aslan himself, explaining not only the birth of the world, but the process and endeavor of how it was created.

This series truly carved my view of multiple universes, and the travel between them. If you've only read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and the "Children' storyline, (Prince Caspian and The Silver Chair) or seen ether of the two movie series of them, I highly recommend starting at the beginning. It will explain and reveal many details that both explain and elaborate on the Narnia world itself, even to the point of explaining the origin of the wardrobe itself.

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