Possible new character! Picture

Okay, so after reading and seeing some drawings of my favorite goddess I ended up getting an idea to make a character a bit like her, maybe even a possible daughter. I didn't really bother to fully colour it since I'm still working out how she might look(Black hair and greyish black wings are the only thing I fully decided to stay with)...plus I still have to name her...now whether she sees any rps or not is totally unpredictable. But like this goddess this unemotional(most of the time) beauty watches over people and makes her decision on who lives and who doesn't. Battlefields are her favorite place to be. And no she's not an angel or anything like that I might just stick with classifying her as a demigoddess to keep it simple. She can hide her wings if she has to infer with a whole bunch of 'mortals' so that she doesn't stand out too much.

I also failed at this pose, she was suppose to be crossed arms and glancing over from the side but I'm a huge fail. So that's why the wings look a bit weirdly placed. .-.

Now whether or not I go through with this character idea is still undecided.
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