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Application Form for #IdlaeLudibriorum

Name: Suibhne "Sui" Jonah Miller

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Partner: Denzel Farmer

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 158lbs

Place of Birth: Miami, Florida

Inventory: Pistol, Small knife, Small can of salt, Matches

Vehicle: Denzel's Car


- Snarky sarcastic asshole. Has a slight maternal behavior to toddlers.
- Speaks the irksome truth unless you are a scared child (or under 18) then will act kind rather protective.
- Isn't exactly nice but never forgets her manners.
- Does not talk unless spoken to.


Sui grew up on her grandfather's barn in Ohio. She spent a happy normal life alongside her grandfather. She would help with the daily chores and, with her grandfather’s aid, learned to hunt. She would read the books her grandmother left behind. The books were filled with information about the supernatural. Although she never really believed in such things she did enjoy mythology. At the age of 18 Sui found an old notebook with a leather cover with the symbol of a pentagram in the front. She discovered that her grandmother was a hunter and was known for her title "silver bullet". Her journal contained a vast list of the monsters she had encountered, information on the way to kill them, and old black and white pictures of her and her hunting buddies. Sui also discovered a secret room in the barn where her grandmother’s equipment was stored, its location revealed in the journal.

At the age of 20 she decided to move to Waco, Texas to find work. Though money was not something they were short of, she only wanted the best for him. A few months later, she decided to make a trip to this “the Miles Crossing” she kept reading about in her grandmother's journal. Just before making her departure she receives a phone call from a hospital in Ohio. Her grandfather had been attacked by an unknown animal and was in critical condition. Based on the nature of the attack, Sui immediately knew it wasn't any ordinary animal attack. She knew it was a creature of the supernatural kind wandering around. A month later her grandfather succumbed to his wounds, and she permanently stayed in Texas.

At the age of 22 she discovered she had a half-sister, still residing with their Cuban mother. Sui decides to take in her sister Aida (15) into custody since their mother wasn’t exactly the best of influence. Due to the language barrier, Sui and Aida had difficulty communicating so at times they would turn to Google Translate. Over the years, however, Aida did learn some English and Sui in turn picked up some Spanish.

Over that period of time Sui continued to hear of multiple attacks, and after much deliberation she finally decided to become a hunter. Having read everything on the creatures in her grandmother’s journal, it was time to put her knowledge into practice. Taking on jobs, and trying to protect the only family she has left.

- Cigarettes
- Guns
- Corpse examinations
- Indie music
- Coffee (mostly black)

- Denzel
- Her mother and father
- Extremely crowded areas.
- Barbecue flavored chips (prefers original)

- Has an interest for corpse and taxidermy
- Smoking cigarettes is a way that reminds her of her grandfather. Even though she would tell him herself that smoking kills.
- Owns a number of hunting equipment from her grandmother but most seem to have been taken.
- Bought a crossbow pistol but rarely uses it.
- Has a 2013 Nissan Versa but only uses it for personal use. Her sister uses it the most.

Current Earnings: $45

Rp Snippet:
The running of the engine came to a stop at the parking lot. Furiously, Sui took the keys off the car but hesitated when she was going to open the door. It has been a week since her grandfather’s death and her mind has been anything but sane. Finally coming out of her small car she rushed to the building and opened the door, to her surprise the bar was rather empty.

The Miles Crossing was described to have been a livelier place according to her grandmother's journal. The again she wasn’t here to live the life of the party but to find information from experienced hunters about the incident that occurred recently. But it doesn't seem she will get any information tonight due to the slow rush.

"Can I get you anything?" asked bartender. Her gaze wasn't in Sui's direction but the question was directed to her.
"No thank you." She replied, a slight tone of disappointment in her tone.
"You're new here, what's your name?" The bartender asked, this time with a glaze at her direction. Sui realizing the conditions of the red head, cleared her throat and proceeded to answer the question.
She was able to tell the bartender had trouble grasping the pronunciation of her name. She then proceeded.
“You can call me Sui."
"Well Sui the name's Jude." She replied.

After a while of hesitating, Sui finally decided to ask a few questions involving the recent incident.


Okay my application form for this really awesome club.
I really enjoyed drawing and colouring this, I can feel like I'm improving in my drawing and colouring! Not by much maybe but still....

Some disclaimers:
Denzel Farmer Belongs to ~Lyskette
Jude Miles belongs to *SgtRebel
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