SD Application Sekhmet Picture

Here is one of my new peeps I hope she is alright :'D Oh god there is so much I messed up on...*bricks self*)

Name: Sekhmet

Height: 5'5’

Family: None they are long dead.

Best Friends: N/A

Love interest: N/A

Rivals: N/A

Likes: She likes looking at things from her time, learning about the ancient world, dark and quiet places. Reading mythology and things on Hathor. Playing her Kanun and listening to middle eastern music.

Dislikes: Loud and bright places, Modern technology (since she is completely baffled by it and she is struggling to understand it. Especially with the television, computer and Ipod.)

Personality: She is a lively spirit that is quiet proud, she very rarely gets angry and most of the time she helps Vena on getting better, since she is reminded of her younger sister when she sees Vena. She is polite and very wise.

History: Sekhmet was born to a noble family in ancient times, she was the oldest of the children and one of the two that survived to adult hood. She had three other siblings but they barely made it past ten years old; this broke her heart but made her determined to do something in life. Her father would affectionately call her his little lioness but due to her gender she would never be a warrior; despite having a warrior’s heart. So her parents slotted her to be the priestess for Hathor and at first she hated this but after time she grew to like it. There she learned to play the Kanun as well as taught to read and write, for the priest class needed to know the rituals spells as well as record what happened in celebrations; in addition to new discoveries in medicine. She spent many years training to be a priestess and poured herself over her studies; she passed her right of initiation and became one of the priestesses of Hathor. She was 25 years old when this happened and never more proud of herself; however, not a week into her new life she suddenly became very sick. The other priests and priestesses did not know what was wrong with her and she refused to believe she was dying even to the last minutes of her life.

Due to this she could never really move on and so she became a Yamask. A Yamask that haunted her tome and the area lying around it, she screamed at the living trying to tell them she was alive for years until several centuries later she realized that she was dead but she refused to pass on. Instead she retreated to her tomb to hibernate her soul if you will. And it wasn’t until many thousands of years later that she re-emerged to find that her world was gone and that everything had changed. The shock was immense and she quietly stood outside her tomb to see a metropolis, wondering what the strange lights were.

How she meet Elizabeth:
Being shocked didn’t stop her feet from moving and she moved towards the city this brought her to the trails that trainers used, she was surprised by one who battled to capture her, but defeated them and fled. She found that she could no longer locate her tomb and that she was lost on these trails; she wandered for days battling trainer after trainer, refusing to be caught. But this left her very weak and when she met Elizabeth and Vena she could barely stand. Elizabeth didn’t challenge the weak Yammask, and instead she helped Sekhmet recover. This stunned Sekhmet, she was used to having to defend herself not being taken care of. And when she recovered she offered to be a part of Elizabeth’s team; Elizabeth agreed and they began to travel together but the black haired trained noticed how her newest companion would stare into the desert with longing. She asked Sekhmet about it and the Yamask quietly admitted she wished she knew where her tomb was. All the new buildings destroyed any features she had known that were once around her tomb. Elizabeth listened then offered to help find her tomb; Elizabeth’s generosity surprised her once more but she accepted. So Vena, Elizabeth and Sekhmet went out into the desert and searched for Sekhmet’s tomb, for days they searched until they found it. Sekhmet was over joyed and she gathered a few items to take with her. Once she was done she told Elizabeth that she was ready to leave. And after that point she became a permanent part of Elizabeth’s team.


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