Royal essence Picture

There have been very little sense in my head the latest days, I can determine that since I've had no fucking idea what of the usual stuff I put out to draw! I've been so dam busy with the book lately (now it's a matter of time before I'm ready to sell, just gotta finish the text and the drawings, and then things like fonts, letter-size and all that can take time to finish) along with raising my grades in school, so sadly I've had quite bad inspiration. But then I figured... Well, since I've actually been DRAWING things that's to the book, why not put one up? The gallery is very un-updated, very much of the information there is old. So it could always use a refreshment now when the finish is so close. In fact, this is one of the pictures that may very well appear in the book itself, not just as something to display what ideas I may have, so it's quite special in that way.


I don't have a name for this creature yet, but I'll come up with one soon. This is, however, a certain essence that appear rather frequently in the myths of the hinwaism religion in Karaya (pronounced Ka-rya/Karr-a/Karv-a/Karm-a depending on which accent) that have had quite some cultural influence as well as mythical. They have statues standing guard at the gates to the emperor's palace since no-one knows how far back, and even though there have been emperors who haven't had faith in hinwaism they've left the statues there not only for decorations, but because they've thought they do have certain powers.
The creatures are said to be otherworldly beings who holds a psychic power that goes far beyond anything that's a mortal's possibility. In the original mythology they are said to have a kind of lair - though it is actually more complex than what that word can comprehend - in the centre of a void-like universe between the world of the living and the world of the dead and, perhaps, the gods themselves. Yet it is part of their, instinct, even their very being, to leave this place and go into the world of the living to do what the gods are said to have created them for in the first place: to take care for and guide the souls of the dead.
No one can actually see them normally; only those who have survived before the moment they should usually die or seen someone else's death and later rot into the bones have at least a chance to spot one, for these beings are more tied to the death in the living world than to anything else in it. For they are the creatures that plucks the soul of the dead and takes them away to the next world, so that the worlds can keep their balance. If the dead were allowed to remain in the living world they would fill up the spiritual space of all spirits that is in everything, which would mark the collapse of the possible life in this universe. Yet that is as good as an impossibility, for there's no one who can outrun these beings. When they come the souls of the dead instinctively knows they shouldn't resist, and thereby they follow their lead into the afterlife.
Yet there's histories - very dark and foul ones who can seriously harm the superstitious ones deep into the spirit - of souls who have somehow, being too insane for whatever reasons to actually understand what they do, escaped the creatures and stayed in the world of the living. But the spiritual space in this world isn't meant to sustain the dead for longer time than it takes to go to the afterlife, so someone who stays for only a second longer will begin to damage the remains of their minds, slowly but inevitably destroying they sane way they should think in - making them insane in a way that is impossible for even the sickest living creature! In time their minds are actually pushed out from the spiritual space entirely - though pieces of them remain linked to it, as the world believes it is a living creature - and in this state they stop to think at all, losing all awareness of themselves and acting randomly and without any actual reason. Yet even though all that doesn't exist in the spiritual space goes to the physical world, there is no body that can store them either, and so they end up as something more corporeal than a shadow, yet not more corporeal than what is counted as a shadow. Whatever that end up as it's not something good, for it's corporeal enough to touch at objects, and as reasonless and unthinking as it is it'll almost certainly harm anything it touches somehow. Yet it's not evil either, for the very same reasons as it's not good; it's just a sad, frightening result out of the foolishness of those who didn't go to the paradise afterlife. The stories of these doomed souls are not something that anyone at all actually believes in, not a single one when it comes to how impossible it is to escape the afterlife, but it certainly is something frightening to imagine. Yet even though no well-read one truly believes this fate is possible some do believe that it's at least more than a story; that there is certain dark powers of unimaginable evil that can go in the creature's way long enough to trap a dead soul in the world of the living, though luckily that kind of power haven't yet been part of humanity's history

Well, this is what I've come up with so far, and what I can write at the moment. I can return later to re-write things so that I can fit in with other ideas I had no room for right now, but as far I hope you'll simply enjoy what I have here.
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