Equestria's Dragon Age(a fan drawing for a fanfic) Picture

(This is a drawing done to aid me in writing a fantasy fanfic that takes place in FIM's Equestria before the founding of the nation by the three tribes. This is a story that will take elements from all sorts of fantasy, mythological and historical stories, and when the story is done will I hope provide much enjoyment to fans of FIM and Fantasy alike, and more besides. And now to close of, an excerpt from the prologue)

In a time long before the founding of the nation Equestria, the Dragons ruled the world. Under their thrall were three lesser races, the cunning and fierce Wolf men, the Caenii, the hardy and loyal Horse people, the Equii, and the brave and fearsome Griffons.

The Dragons ruled over all of them, at first with reason, logic and compassion, but as time went on some grew proud and arrogant, taking advantage of the trust their subjects put in them to deliver to them wealth uncountable, and not just gold and precious stones, but food, and even slaves. Over time these Dragons would rise to the seat of the Dragon Throne and overthrow their wiser and more compassionate kin, enslaving and killing everything that defied them.

Then at the height of their folly, they committed perhaps one of the greatest sins of all. Discovering ancient and unknown magic buried in the darkest pits of the world, they attempted to gain control of heaven itself, and become Gods. But in their arrogance, they instead destroyed it.

Those Dragons who took part in the ritual were cast out, forever changed and twisted, along with some of their willing servants, returning as monsters. They became a blight upon the world, unstoppable and relentless. The Dragon Kingdoms were the first to fall, and from the mountains, the ground and the sky, the newly named Mørkfolk (dark people) drove at us again, and again, until we neared extinction.

But then the Grey Wardens came....

An alliance of heroes from every race, uniting all against their would-be-destroyers, the Grey Wardens risked everything to stem the tide of darkness, and prevailed.

It has been five hundred years since that time, and the destruction the Mørkfolk have inflicted on us has healed. But the world is far from peaceful. Those Dragons who survived have disbanded their Empire and exiled themselves to the furthest reaches of the world, leaving the three races left behind to pick up the pieces, and the very vices and sins that divided the Dragon Empire started to infect the lesser races too.

We now live in a world divided by mistrust. Though we are at peace longstanding rivalries and the need for land and resources continue to influence the politics and behavior of all three races. And regardless of what everyone now thinks, our victory was not Total.

Some of the Demons who led the horde were unaccounted for after the last battle, their bodies never found. Many are content to see this is just as good as dead, but I don't. Even if they are too weak to fight, they are out there, waiting. As long as they live the Wardens oath shall never be fulfilled, and the world is still in danger from them.

One day they will come back, and when they do the Wardens will be waiting.

'In Peace, Vigilance.
In War, Victory!
in Death, Sacrifice.
This is what it means, to be a Grey Warden'.
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