Conscript - Solans Picture

BFE Productions present a Science Fiction experience like You've never seen before.

Slated to launch in May, 2010, Conscript will take You, the attendant, and draft You directly into the middle of a galactic war that has been ongoing for hundreds of thousands of years.

With 21 player races to choose from (plus a build-your-own-race table if You don't want to play one of the more standard races), Boffer and Latex Melee Combat, Elemental (super power) based mid-ranged Combat - Airsoft and Nerf ranged Combat.

Stemming from U.S.V. planet designate Sol 3 (or as they call their homeworld, "Earth"), the species collectively known as "human", are currently known within Vanguard territories as "Solan". Solans are members of a species of bipedal primates in the family Hominidae. Mitochondrial DNA and fossil evidence indicates that modern Solans first appeared in east Africa roughly 200,000 years ago. Although Solans are indeed descended from naturally evolved primates (atleast in part), they are not a naturally occurring species in their own right (i.e. they did not develop naturally with just evolution as the driving component), and over the last few hundred thousand years, have been cultured via selective gene-gineering by the species known as the Zeta. Within Solan "junk DNA", the signs of numerous instances of such gene tweaking is apparent, although most Solan are still hesitant to acknowledge their species artificial origins.
It is directly because of the Solan species having not naturally evolved without help, that so many of their species were conscripted by the Unified Systems Vanguard, as not being of a "natural species", Solans did not qualify for citizen rights initially within Vanguard territories (as they had yet provided a unified service, as is mandated).
A superstitious species, Solans once believed their species to be the only sentient life in the universe (in fact, for a great portion of their existence, they believed that the universe revolved around their homeworld).
Holding a variety of "gods" and religions amongst their varied cultures, Solans were ill equipped for the greater reality of galactic civilization which came upon them when the Unified Systems Vanguard activated conscription of 1/3rd of their entire planetary population.
Relative newcomers to the galactic community, Solans were forcibly conscripted into the Unified Systems Vanguard with no formal request to their governments before hand, and for the last three centuries, humanity, en mass, has served as whatever the Vanguard needs at any given time, most generally taking their place as soldiers upon the many varied battlefields during the Vanguard's most recent system campaigns (a fact not too readily accepted, even though Solans as a species have always shown themselves good at one thing above others - War).
Solans have, since conscription, become something of a nomadic species, setting down roots wherever they might find themselves welcome. This is partially because the descendants of those Solans conscripted three centuries prior have never known the luxury of a homeworld, and even more so because soon after the Vanguard conscripted 1/3rd of the earth's population, those remaining, having come to the belief that some mystic religious event had occurred (i.e. many believed it to have been "the rapture" of some Christian mythologies), turned on each other and the panic that overtook the governments and religious institutions of their world eventually caused a global nuclear holocaust of which it is believed no living Solan descendants survive to this day upon their planets surface.


I didn't make it too apparent my disdain for the human race in the Solan culture packet, did I?...**thinks about that for a moment, before answering himself**...Naaaaaaah...
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