Aeshma Picture

Name: Wrath
Real Name: Aeshma
Age: Appears to be in his late twenties
Species: Demon
Rank: Deadly Sin
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Hair Color: Silver

Amabael - Former Lover (One of the Angels of Winter)
Asmodeus - Brother (Demon of Lust)
Leviathan - Older Sister (Demon of Envy)
Belphegor - Brother (Demon of Sloth)
Behemoth - Younger Brother (Demon of Gluttony)
Lucifer - Older Brother (Demon of Pride)
Mammon - Younger Brother (Demon of Greed)
Nikolas "Sin" Dracula - Youngest Son
Zabel "Folly" Amadeus - Eldest Son

a massive amount of strength that only becomes stronger with his anger, Hyalokinesis (with a bit of Psammokinesis), shows signs of being able to use Cryokinesis,

Weapon(s): Brass knuckles (he can alter them to add sharp points or blades)
Weaknesses: Angel's Silver, Light Elements,


The father of Nikolas, and the Demon of the Deadly Sin, Wrath. Before his life as a Demon, he actually was once a human, with brown hair, and surprisingly, blue eyes. Had been greatly influenced by the last Demon of Wrath, and because that Wrath failed to have any children, he was chosen to take her place, which is a rare occurrence for the Sins. He has no memory of his human life, and it is unknown on why he kept his blue eyes, for they are supposed to be red. As a human, he had taken a great interest in painting, and it might explain why Nikolas is interested in it. Nikolas might actually hold the humanity that Aeshma used to have.

The other Sins do not know him as well as Lust, nor is it known as to why he is the only demon in existence with Sapphire Blue eyes as his corresponding Sin color is supposed to be a blood red. it is also unknown on how he managed to have Nikolas, as he never talks about Nik's mother. Aeshma seems to hold a deep hatred towards Nik's mother, calling her harsh names whenever she is mentioned. His relationship with both of his sons are not good, as Nikolas hates him and Zabel was the result of "a few drinks with Lust", as the demon claims for he has no memory of what caused Zabel to be born or how on earth Lust ended up pregnant. (since he also claims that even if Lust shapeshifted into a woman, he still would never touch him). It is obvious he seems to hold feelings for Asmodeus though, caring greatly about him.
Aeshma also sometimes shows concern for Nikolas whenever he is venting to Asmodeus. He is very easily angered and irritated, being the embodiment of Wrath. He tends to smoke a lot though, as it calms him down. Despite seeming to have some sort of soft side, he is still quite Sadistic, and doesn't hesitate to attack anyone. Is known to be quite rude, and talks down to anyone, even his older brother, Pride, though it ends badly when he harasses the other Sins. (except Lust)
The scars across his face and around his neck are apparently from when Appoloin, the Angel of Destruction, attacked him for impregnating Amabael.


I didn't give him a personality for obvious reasons. I MIGHT make the other sins once I have ideas on how they will look. The only I am set on is they will all have white hair and each will have an eye color that corresponds with their sin. (or that I believe corresponds with it)

I quite adore how he came out. Just like I wanted. I'm not sure if the scar on his face is visible.
The names for the Sins are the actual names that are given to them. Same with the Angel of Winter and Angel of Destruction. Characters like this give me excuses to look into mythology.

Aeshma/Wrath (c)
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