Luna Picture

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Name: Luna
Version Name: Amber
Trainer Class: Ranger
Age: 21-22
Birthday: October 16
Zodiac: Libra
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow-green
Height 5' 7"
Personality: Rude, Serious, Opinionated, Short-tempered

Region: Kanto
Home Town: Cinnabar Island
Current Residence: Opelucid City, Unova
Previous Residencies: Blackthorn City, Johto; Lavaridge Town, Hoenn; Hearthome City, Sinnoh; Icirrus City, Unova

Favorite Pokémon Types: Fire, Dragon, Fighting
Least Favorite Pokémon Types: Water, Normal, Grass

Likes: Spicy foods, her boyfriend, hot weather, reading books, regional mythology, working out, swimming, flying
Dislikes: Morons, abusive trainers, fighting, traveling by foot, collectors, forests, caves, Champion Wallace for replacing Champion Steven

- While Luna is certified as a pokémon ranger, she never stands on active duty because it would require her to have grass-type pokémon, and she does not like grass-type pokémon. Instead she uses the privileges she's granted as a ranger and ignores responsibilities.
- She has an obsession with the legendary pokémon Cresselia, but has no interest in catching her after attempting to chase her all over the Sinnoh region and giving up.
- She uses ranger privileges to rescue pokémon from abusive trainers. Some of the rescued pokémon go to breeders and pokémon centers. Most of them she keeps for herself. As a result, she has a lot of pokémon.
- Charmander was her starter.
- Like Ker, Luna trained under a gym leader. She trained under Cinnabar Island's Blaine.
- She often contemplates selling off her gym badges to see if she can make a fortune off of them, as she has no interest in getting into the pokémon league.
- She knows most of the gym leaders in the world and doesn't mind doing favors for them.
- She's good friends with most of the dragon trainers in the world; like Lance, Claire, and Drayden. She has issues when talking with Drayden, as she often stares at his face and wonders how his beard works instead of actually listening to him.
- She hates breeding pokémon, but she breeds some fire starters anyway so she can make money.
- She has been traveling since she was 10.
- She was certified to be a ranger at age 15.
- The straps on her vest are special cords she uses to get to places she can't reach.
- Her Chandelure was bread by Ker's Cofagrigus, Tut, and Ker's Chandelure. She traded a Charmander bread by her Charizard and Freya's Ditto to get the Litwick bread by Ker's Cofagrigus and Chandelure.
- While she was born on Cinnabar Island and considers herself a Kanto native, her family is actually from the Orre region.
- She is paired with Lance.
- She travels with Ker, Freya, and Devin.
- Her favorite type of pokéball is a Moon Ball.

♂ = Male, ♀ = Female, ˚ = Genderless

Main Team:
1. Charizard ♂
2. Lunatone ˚
3. Scrafty ♂
4. Blaziken ♀
5. Garchomp ♂
6. Volcarona ♀

Other Pokémon:
- Typhlosion ♂
- Simisear ♀
- Infernape ♂
- Emboar ♂
- Flareon ♀
- Dragonite ♀
- Hydreigon ♀
- Riolu ♂
- Haxorus ♀
- Salamence ♀
- Hitmonlee ♂
- Flygon ♀
- Ninetales ♀
- Tyranitar ♂
- Druddigon ♀
- Chandelure ♀
- Houndoom ♂
- Garchomp ♀

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