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Discovered by England in 1479, Kaldon was first settled in 1414, by Mayans blown out to sea, and later shipwrecked European sailors. He remained an English colony throughout the World Wars, and acted as a safe port for American ships crossing the Atlantic in WWII. In 1940, Germany attempted to take the islands, and cut off the Allies' supply line there. Though the islands had no official military of their own, they fought off the small invasion, and no more attempts were made to capture the islands.

Having operated independently since 1961, he formed his first non-volunteer force military in 1988, though Kaldon's attempts to gain independence through diplomacy were largely overshadowed by the impending doom of the Cold War, and when he gained independence in 1991, he was again overshadowed by the worldwide relief that the Cold War was over. Upon independence, his name changed to the Independent States of Kaldon (ISK), and he remained a bystander to world politics until 2010, when ISK officially joined the UN.

A series of islands jutting up from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, ISK is very prone to hurricanes and storms. They are protected toward the south by a volcanic barrier (the original island that kept the others shielded long enough for them to develop into habitable islands). Numerous cultures have blended together on the islands, and native spiritualism is still quite strong in the nation today. Crumbling temples and spiritual places from the islands' past are federally protected, and common tourist spots.

Kaldon himself is a firm believer in magic, and has suffered the consequences of his own native deities clashing with themselves and those of the combined cultures. When he was first discovered, both of his eyes were blue. Then, a war broke out among his mythologies. The result left Kaldon with heterochromia (a scar from the war). He doesn't remember that he ever had normal eyes, as England (who had been caring for Kaldon at the time) never thought it important to explain.

He is always seen wearing his spirit charm; a hand-crafted wooden or metal charm with painted or gem eyes that, according to legend, contain Cishak - human or animal spirits that form a connection with a human, and live within a spirit charm. Kaldon's charm is in the form of a wolf, and he calls the Cishak within 'Chinon'. He usually wears his hair pulled back with a band that has a charm threaded on it - 'map' charms are popular on the islands, and though ISK charms are the most popular, charms in other nation shapes still sell well.

He owns an Irish Wolfhound named Rennes (received as a gift from Ireland, much to England's displeasure), who goes with him everywhere on the islands, though Kaldon doesn't often take her out of the country. He also carries around a small pair of Xudhet (a native close-combat weapon that fits over the hand like a skeletal glove). Made of iron and leather (reinforced with elastic in modern years), he's had them since he was a young colony.


Kaldon is a fictional nation, created as an OC for Axis Powers Hetalia. He was created to plausibly exist in the same timeframe of the nations, without displacing another existing nation or disrupting history too much (which is why he does so little until modern day). He has been in-production for three years now, and I'm always nitpicking him to further develop his character.
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