Narcissus Picture

For Latin convention (so I won't be here tomorrow or most, if not all, of Monday). Narcissus with Echo in the background.

Yes, that flower is a daffodil. Daffodils are in the genus Narcissus. Yes, I actually did research, because I want first place this year.

Done in ballpoint pen, gold gel pen, and Prismacolors. Yes, I finally opened that box of Prismacolors. I thought that if I'm going FTW, I'm going all the way.

My scanner murdered this, so there are blurry spots where there shouldn't be.

Steal this and your body and soul are mine. >(

EDIT- The day after convention. Fifth place. What. The. Hell. The others weren't that good. And considering a far superior artist in three other categories won nothing, that says something. I should have at least gotten second or third.
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