A Hero Rises Picture

My friend finally taught me how to do hair like that, so I tried and came up with Hero. The name I got from my Mythology book.

Name: Hero Dionysus Erlysis
Nickname: Ra
Background: Hero remembers when he had his sight–he wasn't born without his eyes, or without sight. He was born on July 26th into the Erlysises–a seemingly caring family. Both his mother and his father were Greek, so they taught him Greek to use at home and English for his studies. He had mastered English first, however, so he doesn't have an foreign accent.

One night, when Hero was six, his parents were hungry for something they hadn't had in a while. So, when Hero was being put to bed, his mother held him down while his father plucked out his eyes, fully intending to eat his entire body, merely enjoying "playing with the food". The neighbors, however, had heard Hero's screaming, so they called the police. The police arrived there right when his parents were eating his eyes. They were arrested and he was rushed to the hospital, but there was nothing they could do.

He refused to take plastic eyes, since they would have needed constant attention and he didn't want to take his eyes out and clean them without fear of remembering the event. He opted, instead, for a blindfold. His doctors were stunned, but they let him do it. They stitched his eyes closed and put a black blindfold around his eyes. He then went into foster care.

Hero hated foster care. There was one kid (who thought that he was the ruler of the whole fucking place) who constantly tortured him because of his blindfold and the fact that he was blind. So, one day, Hero took off his blindfold and showed the kid his stitched-closed eyelids and the fact that there was no bulge where the eyes should have been–then he told him the story behind why it was like that. The kid had nightmares for a long time after that and never went after Hero again.

Hero was adopted by a single male. He was cared for there–this was where he learned about his heightened senses. His adoptive father cared for him more than his regular parents, but Hero still was often scared that his adoptive father would try to do the same that his parents did.

When his parents got out of the prison (whether they escaped or they merely went on parole, it is unknown; the prison mysteriously burned down not too long after the event Hero calls "The Incident"), they tracked Hero down. His adoptive father tried to protect him, but they knocked him out; they wanted Hero.

To this day, no one knows what happened. When his adoptive father woke up, Hero was merely in his room, curled up, and his parents were gone, vanished without a trace, but Hero seemed fine. Hero had no memory of what had happened.

Hero still lives with his adoptive father to this day.
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