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EDIT: This is not gonna continue as Valhalla volumes 9-11 have now been translated by data9724 who's kinda most likely more experienced at this, and I have no intention of continuing when the only point would be to say 'well this is how *I* would have done it'. I reccommend googling things to find his version of the last volume to check out, but I'll still keep my volume 9 in this gallery for those who might like it. And besides it was a fun project and its nice to commemorate it~
Gonna go download the data9724 version myself now and see if I made any dumb mistakes XD
EDIT: Okay.. mildly biased opinion here but the dude's translation is so damn literal and boring. And in some places takes confusing artistic license by removing a joke in favor of a completely unrelated one. And why the hell did he leave 'holmgang' in danish if he's not even gonna explain it? Same for randomly inserting 'thurs' and 'ragnar' when they didn't exist in the original and make no sense to english speakers. Meh, at least this raises my confidence in my own skills.. I might still double-check each volume to see if he missed anything. Now I'm wondering if the old comics I read from him were better in the original language..
EDIT EDIT: Somehow the witch that was gonna remove the rock from Thor's head has turned into a male dwarf miner in this translation. *facepalm* Somebody didn't even read the original myth...
SIGH... okay I'm convinced the quality of this guy's work is a bit off, but still doubt its necessary for me to retranslate the stuff he's already done. And besides I was using his raw scans anyway so I kinda owe him. In any case hope you enjoyed the translations here.

Valhalla Volume 10: Gudernes Gaver/Gifts For The Gods
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See what I mean about Freyr? This is his ENTIRE JOKE. "Lol, you know those farmers like to talk about farms. They'd talk about farms even when everyone else thinks it's boring. I bet they talk about farms so much they can't even remember what they're doing!" It just strikes me as that "What's the deal with airline food?" sort of humor when you're meant to laugh because you agree to hate the incredibly mundane annoyance the comedian is talking about.
Anyway Odin is a douche and has the attention span of a five year old. Hooray!

On the mythology update train: Vanaheim is the home of the Vanir, who are basically another race of gods. They were defeated by the Aesir in a war and thus merged into one big kingdom, all now calling themselves Aesir. Barely any gods are specified as being Vanir, so it's possible Sif was indeed one even though it's only thrown in here as artistic license.
Small pointless unrelated tangeant: in my doodles of norse myth I decided to make the Vanir dark skinned just cos I dislike all-white casts even if it's historically accurate XD
Also Sif was never stated to have a previous husband or move to Asgard because of it, as far as I know. To be honest her pre-Thor's-wife life isn't covered very much, we don't even know her parents' names.
Also, big duh: chess didn't exist back then and this is just a silly gag. XD

valhalla belongs to peter masden, I am only translating it for the benefit of us english speaking folks~ Here's hoping an official translation comes out eventually!
original raw scans from data9724
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