Stories from Kashiba #2: Taking Care of Her Picture

Shiro Kenji, a very smart 21 year-old librarian who is an expert in all things in archeology and mythology , and a computer geek. Up til' now Shiro had lived a normal yet lonely life, until his Father, archeologist James Kenji, sends him a large coffin like box that he found while on an excavation trip in the British Isles in hope that he is able to open it and tell him about the containts of the box. After an hour, he was able to open the box, and to his suprise, there was a corpse of a pale looking 12-year old girl in Victorean-era clothing. Out of curiosity, he checks on the body and accidently cuts his finger on the coffin. As blood started to drip from his finger to the floor, he grabs a towel from a table and cover his cut. He then leaves the room for a moment to get a first aid kit to patch his cut up, and upon returning he sees the same girl from the box sitting on the floor and touching the small blood drops from Shiro's finger with her finger and started to lick it from her finger. At first he was shocked to see that the corpse is moving, but was even more shocked at the situation that he was in, because there is a Vampire in his home. As the girl stood up and began to walk to him, he slowly moved back, until the girl collapsed on the floor. Apparently, the girl was stuck in the the coffin for over 600 years ,and was very thirsty. She began rolling and moaning on the floor and asks the now confused young man to give her something to drink. Out of pity for the poor creature, he tries to find any alternative from blood to give her to drink, so he decided to give her pomegranate juice for her to drink. To his luck it was sufficent enough to quench her thirst. When every thing settled down a little, Shiro asks for the girls name ( for some reason ). The girl then said that her name was Lucia Mayfield. When Shiro heard the name, he recalled an old legend ,that took place in a seemingly normal town, about a mysterious family that was feared among the other people due to suspicons of being vampires, though had no legit proof to assure their hunch. Shiro than asked why she was in the coffin for the amount of time she was stuck in there, however she didn't know why and that besides her name, she didn't remember anything else. Shiro examined the coffin and found a note in it written in english which says that " whoever reads this letter, then most of the Mayfield family have already been wiped out of existence, though our existence in this world is considered as an anomally to the normal people we lived with. I just hope that whoever may open the coffin please look after the girl, though she may have the monstrous blood we are born with, she is a kind and gentle person, though she can be naive and stubborn sometimes, she's a good kid. Please make sure she gets to live a good life," and the letter ended there. Shiro then deciedes to take care of Lucia and decided to give her the alias Nozomi Kenji, the name of his mother before she died 2 years ago. The two usually don't get along and bicker alot, they usually make it work in the end and show that they truly care for one another. They also get themsleves into messy situations, but thats another story to tell.
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