Possible World Design - Fimbul Picture

Just a possible world design I made for an upcomming game

Nothing special, just some things for a feeling of my idea...

...for those who want to know about that game, here is an video [link]


Mythological it’s the world after ragnarök – after the end of the world!

A cold place nearly impossible to survive! There is no food except dew…

But that would be a bit extreme, therefore I made my own version of Fimbul;

I made just some rough sketches, therefore I write a bit more text

6. We start outside of everything, on the top of the world under the stars and aurora borealis, nothing but snow! Surviving is nearly impossible! Except you’ll find one of the mountains! They are covered by snow but the top of the mountain is still there, like a lone black isle! There grows even grass, hard nearly unbreakable spiny grass and fluffy wool-grass, it’s eatable. Even some small critters are there, they do only two things, eating and reproducing – they are even born pregnant!
Then you discover something in the snow, it’s a broken dome!

1. the dome is much bigger as it looks like from outside! It is separated into two areas, one covered by snow and ice that comes from outside and one with some short but robust plants. The melting ice gives you way down into the green, it’s still cold but water is even melting here. Ferns, branches, moss and some small sundew grow here - covered by fog. Little insects fly around and some small animals are here as well. There is another hole in the wall, it’s defiantly warmer.

2. It’s really warm and the smell of sulphuric is in the air, it comes out of many hot springs. They melted the ice around you – you are in one gigantical ice hole! Blue light comes out of those walls, it gives a mysterious atmosphere up to this room. Some scubs grow here, even grass, it looks like that one outside, but it’s soft and eatable. There are even some carrots growing in the ground! Close to them is an old robot, it looks like it would protect some frozen eggs in a wall – maybe it could give you some of them and you could hatch them in a hot spring, but that robot don’t look like it would still work.

3. You left that ‘room’ and found a open window, on the other side is an old rotten laboratory, mushrooms grow everywhere – maybe some are eatable – but probable not all of them… Some papers lie there, i guess it makes fun to play with and there are nearly endless test tubes – they make a funny sound when they hit the ground! And there are some cloths against the cold!

4. You passed the lab and go into a new dome – this one is intact, but it looks like nobody was here for quiet a long time! You can see the thing that was supposed to be the way, tropical sundew grows everywhere, gigantical insects fly around and big animals walk by, coming out of plants and hiding in many other plants. And at the other end is an other door.

5. This is the last room, it looks like an old boiler room and the machines sound like they would still work, I bet changing the instruments would mess up all environments in here! And there is also the reason why not everything works fine, the half of this room is under water! It looks like fishes would be in there, you take a closer look, big underwater insects! Seems like they would be the only thing that was in here when they looked this room – they and alleges…
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