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Tale of the Lady of the moon and the werewolf
Chapter VI: The night turns into a battle ground

After falling down the mountain the spirit woke up by a lake. She had been rolling down the mountain, she still felt the wounds caused by the rocks in her skin.
It was then that she saw some yellowed eyes looking at her in the dark. Scared she ran.

She could feel the wind blowing strongly in her face as she tried to escape the monster that was pursuing her. The trees screamed as she passed by making her feels materialize. She just wanted to ask for help and scream to relieve the pain in her heart. But she couldn’t, she was a spirit and had no voice or heart, only deep emptiness of her conscience. She knew she was dead, but also knew she had something to do, however, she didn’t know what. A Rock appeared in the middle of the way as by magical means and she stepped it, she fell to the ground. Quickly she tried to turn away but it was too late. The monster was behind her. She then tried to scream:
STOP! Why do you pursue me?
I do not pursue you my dear lady… I just wished to see your face once again. I know this is not the body you expected me to be in. I am sorry for that.

None of them spoke with their mouths, she then understood that they could communicate telepathically.
But I do not know you my dear Pure-Gray… Should I? What’s your name?
Do you not know me? Have you forgotten all the moments we lived in the past? My love… I am Alexandru Lapusneanu...
I am sorry... You name reminds me nothing. But should I? I do not even remember my name…
Dear Bendis, do you not remember anything at all? My love… what did that witch do to you?!
Alexandru? I saw your grave… aren’t you suppose to be dead?
And I am love… So are you… You don’t really remember anything… do you?
Alexandru… why do you keep me calling love? Were we lovers once, long ago?

The spirit just stood in the ground, looking at the werewolf Alexandru. She couldn’t stand, she was trying to understand what had just happened…


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For those who didn't read my journal:

This tale happens in Romania. More specificably in Suceava And some of it's content has to do with Romanian culture and mythology. Of course some other stuff is pure imagination as I do not know if there's a forest near Suceava and all that but has Romania is well known for it's stories about vampires and werewolves I thought it was the best place for this story.

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