Basilisk Picture

Name: Basilisk (baa- sill- isk)
Ht: 5ft 11in
Wt: 206lbs
Age: Unknown.
Likes: Melting things with his spear
Hates: Griffon
Favorite Shen Gong Wu: Orb of Tsunami
Power: Acid and Poison manipulation
Weapons: Sacred Posion Spear

(the following is in My Xioalin showdown trilogy)

Basilisk made his debut in the second movie, siding with Werewulf, Spectre and Griffon. He, along with Spectre Griffon, Werewulf and Scorpius are the feared 'Anti- warriors'- The second generation of Xiolain warriors who defected because of thier leader, Scorpius. Basilisk, like the other three warriors, are fiercely loyal to Scorpius. about 1500 years ago, the Anti warriors were said to be utterly invincible, but for some unknown reason, were sealed inside an ancient tome. They were later freed by Apocalypse in the current century. It is also said that the combined might of the Anti warriors could easily defeat Apocalypse.

In the second movie, Apocalypse summoned the Anti warriors from thier slumber, releasing all five anti warriors from the tome they were sealed in. Basilisk fought the Xiolain warriors alongside the other three Anti warriors under Scorpius's command.

Later however, Scorpius was defeated and killed by Apocalypse, and due to an agreement that Scorpius and Apocalypse made, He, along with Spectre, Werewulf and Griffon, must fight for Apocalypse (though they are bitter about it). Basilisk tries to strangle Griffon on numerous occasions for revealing too much information.

Eventually, Apocalypse sets the Anti warriors on the 36th floor of Origin Tower, where they fight the Xioalin side one more time.

Currently, Basilisk has activated 'Second State', which allowed him to drastically increase in power. He is fighting Omi, who also posseses the trait of 'Endurance', and appears to be winning. Basilisk has injected Omi twice with a deadly poison, giving Omi a little less than 30 minutes to live.


I based Basilisk off of the legendary creature 'Basilisk', and that influenced his character design and powers.

Basilisk was once one the second generation Xioalin warriors, but later defected because thier leader Scorpius showed them a better way of life on the Heylin side. From there, the Anti warriors were a supposably undefeatable group, but were somehow sealed away in a tome placed atop a mountian. He was later freed in the current century.

Basilisk hates Griffon on the outside due to the latters idiocy, but secretly considers him a valuble comrade. Basilisk speaks in a slightly high pitched voice, much like hissing. He is also very observant, always calculating.


- Enhanced strength and speed
- Poison manipulation
- Acid Manipulation
- Immunity to Acid
- Double jointed everywhere

Attacks known:

- Poison spread: Basilisk spews poison gas from his mouth.

- Telepathy: Basilisk can transmit and recieve the thoughts from the other Anti warriors, as well as thier leader, Scorpius.

- Poison dispell: Basilisk eliminates poison.

- Anti Orion formation: Basilisk increases in power. (team move)

- Square Acis walls: Basilisk surrounds the enemy with a giant cube made of acid.

- Acid launch: Basilisk launched a blob of acid from his Sacred Spear.

- Second State: A power given to him by Scorpius, Basilisk transforms into his true form, and his power goes off the charts.

(on a miscelanious note, the symbol on his spear is the kanji for poison)


The Anti- Warriors are all based on mythological creatures. Basilisk was based on the Basilisk, a mythological creature that is made when a chickens egg is hatched by a toad.

Body style wise, I wanted him to appear human, so I gave him humanistic body style, but with the head resembling a dragon and a snake. His powers were also inspired by a snakes (acid and poison). I originally wanted him to be without clothes on, but he looked cooler in long black pants, so I went with that.
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