1 year later Picture

Story time!!! Muahahahahahahahaha!!!

Normal POV:
A young lady with long brown hair and wearing a black college uniform sighed tiredly as she waited for her train. She was headed home for the holidays and the only train available was a night train that would leave the station at 2 p.m; which happened to be in four minutes.

The girl realized this and quickly hopped on. Other than the conductor, she thought she'd be the only one on the train. However, in the middle of one of the seats was a young gentleman whom looked about a year older than her. He and his outfit looked familiar but she couldn't place it and decided to sit down a ways from him.

Aido POV:
A girl with brown hair was sitting across from him. Who was she? Why did she look familiar? "Uhm, hello." He said...putting on his charm at first. She was cute...and he was feeling a bit thirsty. What harm could one lil' bit do? "Hello," she answers him absent mindedly before taking out the oddest sandwich he'd ever seen from a bag she had set firmly underneath her seat; it smelled like cheese, ketchup, pepperoni, bell peppers, pickles, mayonnaise, olives, and ranch dressing! He knew a person once that ate sandwiches like that...but it'd been a year since he'd seen her..his little Toodz. He got angry with her once when she said yes to a date with one of her fellow day class students. He remembered doing everything to stop her from going out with him....but then Kaname had to set him down and explain that humans do things with humans...and that is was going to happen eventually.

Aido jealously remembered this while he watched the girl eat her sandwich. She did look very much like Toodz, however this girl was half an inch taller and her hair was very long compared to the Toodz he knew. "Uhm, do you want some?" The girl asked when he noticed him staring at the ketchup dripping off the edge of her bread. "No thanks," Aido sighed; thinking of Toodz and her '
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