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Valor Province

A province named after Lake Valor, said to be the home of Azelf.

Hearthome City:
Hearthome City is known universally as capital of the Sinnoh region and home of the royal family. It is the largest district in the entire region. From nobles to very well-off merchants, those wealthy enough live further in the center of Hearthome, while the poor tend to live on the outskirts. Commerce is crucial here, and there is a different marketplace everywhere you turn. Hearthome finds importance in entertainment, and constantly holds Pokémon Contests and theatrical performances for those that can enjoy them at their leisure. For the time period, it's considered a bustling metropolis.

Sunyshore Town:

Sunyshore plays a very important role for the people of this province. This seaside town has many crucial ports for travel and fishing. It is made up of three small, separated strips of land, connected by suspended bridges to make up a larger, single mass. There is but one marketplace on the mainland, where goods are sold and traded. Bartering is a way of life around here, and there is one beautiful cliff-side view after another all around. Travelers often stop here to enjoy the sea.

Celestic Village:
This tiny, unassuming village is considered a holy place. Its people pride themselves on preserving "old tradition", even by the standards and ideals of this time period. In the center of the village is a small shrine, said to date back to ancient times. It stands before the entrance to a cave. This cave, known as the Celestic Ruins, bears etchings along its walls that tell the story of Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. Some say Celestic has been around since the creation of Sinnoh.

Solaceon Village:
Solaceon is a very quiet, ever-growing village. It was once no more than a road for travelers to pass through, but fertile land turned this Nowhere into a well-known farmland. The population is terribly small, but the people are not poor. They earn their pay by selling their abundant amount of crops to other towns - it's all a matter of those willing to make the journey there to buy it off of them. Traveling merchants love this village. Here, you can also find the mysterious Solaceon Ruins, catering to the interests of many researchers.

The Great Marsh:
The Great Marsh of Sinnoh is here in the Valor Province. While many consider this marshland to be a hazard and a nuisance for travelers who are just passing through, the fact of the matter is that this marsh plays an important role in Valor's ecosystem. The Great Marsh is connected directly to Lake Valor, and helps keep the freshwater in the lake clean. It is also home to many Pokémon.

Lake Valor:
Lake Valor is the first of the three Sinnoh Lakes. According to ancient mythology, the legendary Pokémon Azelf rests here. The water in the lake is crisp and clean, thanks to a river leading to the Great Marsh. The Great Marsh filters out all sediment and other things that may be bad for the freshwater lake. No one dares attempt to disturb the sleeping Lake Guardian that resides here.

Spring Path:
A mysterious forest labyrinth, seeming to lead nowhere. This is a very natural, beautiful place, untouched by man. Despite this, however, wild Pokémon are nowhere to be seen in the area, leaving an almost unsettling atmosphere...

Route 208:
A lush, grassy field, soon becoming the rocky stretch that leads into Mt. Coronet. A number of bridges allow for ease of access across.
- Connects Hearthome and Mt. Coronet.

Route 209:
There are many streams that run alongside this grassy terrain, paving a way across this route. The Lost Tower, a resting place for deceased Pokemon, stands here. There is also the Hallowed Tower - evidently not an actual tower, but a shrine - which was presumably built here in memory of the dead.
- Connects Hearthome and Solaceon.

Route 210:
A narrow, straight-shot route with an abundance of tall grass. It leads into a canyon, shrouded in dense fog. Needless to say, despite this route being very forward, it's not easy to navigate.
- Connects Route 215, Solaceon Town, and Celestic Town.

Route 211:
A mountain path that tunnels directly through Mt. Coronet. One of the two direct passes through the mountain range, leading you between Verity and Valor Province.
- Connects Eterna Town and Celestic Town.
- Connects Verity Province with Valor Province.

Route 212:
This route often sees rainfall. Even when the clouds disperse, travelers are left with plenty of soggy grass and puddles to trudge through. It's very dismal, unless you really enjoy rain.
- Connects Hearthome and the Great Marsh.

Route 213:
A seaside route, overlooking a clean ocean. Hefty boulders along the land form a natural jetty, protecting the beach from high waters.
- Connects the Great Marsh and Lake Valor.

Route 214:
Rocky terrain meets field yet again on Route 214. This route is overwhelmed with nature... perhaps to the point where it may be a nuisance? Not for faint-hearted travelers.
- Connects Lake Valor, Route 215, and the Spring Path.

Route 215:
A hilly route where the rain never seems to cease. If a little rain never bothered you, this will be easily traversed. If you can't stand getting your shoes wet... well...
- Connects to Route 210.

Route 222:
Route 222 runs just along a sandy beach. Many fishermen from Sunyshore gather here to cast out and reel in, so it's often a busy spot.
- Connects Sunyshore and Lake Valor.

Verity Province

A province named after Lake Verity, said to be the home of Mesprit.


Jubilife City:
Outmatched only by Hearthome in size, Jubilife is another hugely populated center of Sinnoh. It is often seen as the "Hearthome of the Verity Province", much to its people's chagrin. The two are thought to be continuously competing with each other, whether they realize it or not. While Hearthome's claim to fame is the royal family, Jubilife has innovation and forward-thinking. It is home to some of the brightest minds of Sinnoh.

Floaroma Town:
Floaroma was once a barren wasteland, where no flowers would bloom, and all was still. History says Shaymin turned everything around and caused a sudden burst of life in return for the people's gratitude and appreciation for nature. It is now a beautiful town, covered in flowery fields and bustling with people. This town primarily makes income off of their crops and herbal medicines.

Canalave City:
Home of what's known as the greatest library in the nation, Canalave City is another port city known for travel and trade. People come from around the world to share their knowledge, and what better way to do so than through books? Rare books are a genuine commodity and are of high value for the people of Canalave. For those across Sinnoh with a thirst for history and stories, Canalave is a must-see travel spot. There is much cultural diversity to be seen around here.

Eterna Town:
Eterna falls right along the border that separates Acuity from Verity. A statue depicting Palkia and Dialga was erected here long ago, and people travel from the farest edges of the region to pay homage to it. The populace holds annual ceremonies and rituals to please the deities, often giving offerings in exchange for Dialga and Palkia's protection for another year. It's primarily known as a travel destination for those interested in history, and not much else.

Eterna Forest:
As a natural maze of bushes and trees, the Eterna Forest is very easy to get lost in. It runs just outside Eterna Town, to the west. Many say the forest has a chilling air about it, yet it is the only way to successfully pass through Eterna Town, thanks to Mt. Coronet. There are rumors that an entire family line lives in a mansion here, and has for a few years now, though even the people of Eterna Town will argue that it has never been proven.

Valley Windworks:
An open valley, just east of Floaroma town and Route 205. Constant winds blow through here, due to its proximity to Mt. Coronet. Several windmills are strategically placed around the area for milling grain and pumping water. Meadows stretch across the land, and a river flows through the canyon. There are many wild Pokémon to be seen around here, both underwater and in the fields.

Lake Verity:
Lake Verity is the second of the three Sinnoh Lakes. According to ancient mythology, the legendary Pokémon Mesprit rests here. In an area that is mostly made up of forest, Verity takes up a huge clearing, and it is noted to be a relatively large body of water for a lake. No one dares attempt to disturb the sleeping Lake Guardian that resides here.

Route 201:

Route 202:

Route 203:

Route 204:

Route 205:

Route 206:

Route 207:

Route 218:

Route 219:

Route 220:

Route 221:

Acuity Province

Acuity is a province much smaller in comparison to the others. It is named after Lake Acuity, said to be the home of Uxie. Though it is claimed land, it has a lack of any population due to the year-round cold up north. Nothing much goes on around here, unless you really enjoy snow.


Snowpoint Temple:
The Snowpoint Temple is at the northernmost peak of this province. Legend says this temple is where the revered Regigigas was sealed away, for its powers were far too great. Three Pokémon, brought over from the far-off region of Hoenn, must be gathered together at this temple. Only then will the legendary Regigigas be revived once again.
...Or so the story goes.

Lake Acuity:
Lake Acuity is the third of the three Sinnoh Lakes. According to ancient mythology, the legendary Pokémon Uxie rests here. Despite the year-round cold of northern Acuity, this lake remains thawed and never seems to freeze over. It is widely accepted that the warmth of the living Uxie keeps the water liquefied. No one dares attempt to disturb the sleeping Lake Guardian that resides here.

Route 216:

Route 217:

Undetermined Territories

There are a number of places in Sinnoh that, for one reason or another, don't fit under a specific providence, thus causing territorial disagreement. Those "undetermined territories" are listed below.


Mt. Coronet:
This great mountain range acts as a divider between the Verity and Valor provinces. You need to head through a pass or move around the mountain range entirely to travel across the region, from East and West. It is one of the few parts of the region that isn't specified as any particular territory, due to the fact that it is part of neither Verity nor Valor, yet both at once. Because it branches off of Route 216 of Acuity, some consider it to fall under that province.

Stark Mountain:
Stark Mountain sits on a landmass separate from mainland Sinnoh. Unlike Mt. Coronet, an entire mountain range, Stark Mountain is a risen formation that reaches up, past the clouds. It is coated with ash and hardened magma, as it used to be an active volcano. Fortunately, the volcano has been dormant for many years now. The mountain itself remains vastly unexplored.

Seabreak Path:

Flower Paradise:

Route 223:

Route 224:


Route 225:

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Route 228:

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Route 230:
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