Sketchdump2 :: Eschat+Lanpoint Picture

EschatOLOGY and Lanpoint, that is. Ran out of room!



1. Caradoc Hammond (which you can probably guess already), the main character!! He has a very very very special place in my heart for being my oldest character in all the In Ink stories. ;w; <3 My English woodcutter with a very loud dad and an enormous to-do list ALL THE TIME. He's a flirt and always wiped out from doing so much work, but he is a very dependable guy. So yeaahh I can't really think of anything else to say about him BUT YES, he is my baby <3

2. Sao!! Again, she's really old, so special place, etc etc, yes!! One of the three Hesperides and the healer of the group.

3. Caradoc and Cassandra Barley. The first of two girls that Caradoc actually manages to get in his entire life (though she is too shy to ever tell him), she's the village baker's daughter. And also she dies in like the first ten minutes, so uh. yeah. The classic girl-hurt-her-knee/ankle/something-so-guy-has-to-carry-her thing. Yeeep.

4. Sao again!! Being dynamic!! I definitely drew this in English class (same with the first Caradoc) during one of our 2394588394856 movie days. I think it was Hamlet?? I don't remember!


This is one of the newer In Ink stories and it is superheroes boarding school, because zakuro~n and i were all "man remember those neopets rps" and also it was thanksgiving and they always seem to play The Incredibles on TV during thanksgiving SO YEAH.

5. Caph Alderamin, one of the three main characters, Reo's younger twin sister, and leader of one of the three teams!! She has a pretty useless power at the beginning but yeah. She has a connection to the stars and space and whatnot.

6. Riley aka Reo Alderamin! Also one of the three main characters, Caph's older twin brother, and another leader. His equally-useless power and a similar connection to the sea!

7+8. Jack Inberg and Samantha Tallsy! They're both on Wesley's team, who belong to Zakuro. They are two bffs-for-life and the resident obnoxious pranksters of the school. Jack can fly and imitate voices, and Sam has short bursts of superspeed.

9. Tammy Smitt! She is an happy-go-lucky idiot and she's on Team Reo, and has telekinesis that she can barely control.

10. Laine Phipps, Team Wesley. She has fire powers in one hand, and healing powers in the other. She's pretty serious and school-driven, but also reclusive and aloof. Yuuuupp.

11. This is a doodle, kaze said he liked Tim and so i drew this. IT'LL MAKE MORE SENSE WHEN I EXPLAIN HIM SOOO. Yeah.

12. Jesse Yamaguchi, Team Reo. His power is phasing/temperarily making himself immaterial/whatever you want to call it, and he is a grouch.

13. Timothy Clemens, Team Caph! His terrible horrible power is spontaneous timetravel. You can see his era-resume up in 11, so I'll leave it at that. He is very, very, obviously, socially awkward.

14. Bridget Coolidge, aka Gidget, on Team Reo! The resident techie/bully, her power is technopathy so she can change her ipod song without pressing buttons, erase the essay from your computer the night before it's due, and also hit you with her earbuds.

15. Momo Satou is one of the secret characters and therefor not on a main team! She is a 14-year-old transfer student from the sugoi land of nihon, and she is a kawaii moe kira kira mahou shoujo girl!!!!! she is very annoying and thinks she is awesome despite being... not.

16. Another secret character, Didrik Olafson of Norway. He has super strength. Because he is a superstrong Norwegian, everyone is all HEY UR A VIKING BRO and he's always like I'M NOT A VIKING.... I haven't really done much with his personality yet, but i know he likes sports and is terrible at academics, and he's very friendly but not very outgoing at all. And he's not a viking.

17. Annie Wegscheider - Annie the Android! My last secret character. She is... an android and also the RA for the high school girls' dorm, and she is a terror. Lights are out strictly at 11pm, because she tears the electrical socket out of the wall if it's not.

18. TIME FOR LOOKING AT HOW BADLY KIICHI FAILS AT DESIGNING SUPERHERO COSTUMES KJDFHGKDF sob sob. Anywayy here's Jesse being Phantasm. His outfit is stupid, and I designed it with the intent of it being some variation of the default Lanpoint uniform because he has too much self respect to design himself a spandex jumsuit.

19+20: Sam and Jack // Frolic and Folly! They are a matching team because they are inseparable. Obvs.

21. MAGICAL MAIDEN MOMO-CHIN!! But her teammates thought that was terrible and embarrassing so they call her Peachy Keen instead. Her attacks include Peachy Pink Sweet Kiss Surprise!!! and Pretty Pure Sweet Blast Supreme!!! Also She's a terrible sea of bright neon pink.

22. Tammy -> Cyonix, because she can't spell.

23. AUUU caph's is terrible and i am going to redo it asap. But yeah, she's Galileo.

24. Laine becomes Duet! Half of her outfit is pink, and half is aqua, cause. cause her powers and all. aaaawww yeah man i am the wittiest

25. Gidget -> Glitch!! She's the only one whose outfit actually suits her at all. She beats people up with that headphone cord.


wow i should really fix up lanpoint and get my act together on that i'm so \(o_O)/???? on most stuff about my characterrrss
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