HH: Katoshi-Ayumu Picture

P.S He stalks people he considers his friend until he fully trusts them (only his okaa-san accomplished this feat. And beware of insulting his okaa-san indirectly or not, he will stalk you Belarus way and attempt to kill you with no remorse what so ever.)
P.P.S Serious!Ayumu only appears when as stated above, play baseball, or when someone serves him obviously bad food.
P.P.P.S He is also likes to glomp cute looking people.

I'm sorry that it looks flat but I have no graphic tablet as of yet.
Name: Katoshi Ayumu
Date of Birth: 20 May
Star Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: A
Height: 174cm

Subject: Mythology
Homeroom: 2-C
Club: Kendo
Sport: Baseball
-Drawing (to a certain degree)
-Lazing around
-Seeing/Experiencing out of the ordinary things
-Myths and Legends
-Mind Games
-Carnivorous animals

-Doing too much work
-Overused/Cliche plots/Ideas
-People who are way too naive
-People who act naive
-Crowded places
-When someone take advantage of people
-People who insult others(directly or not)
-When people make assumptions before the pieces come together
-Being alone

He enjoys acting oblivious, kind of annoying and quite childish, but in truth, he is observing his surroundings and the person with him. He's very silent which usually indicates that he is thinking or daydreaming, (sometimes) while listening to music.
When he's not, he's usually drawing, watching Anime, watching music Videos or playing a game.
Though he's an Otaku, he didn't join the Tech Club because he's to lazy to make or build stuff or doing other tech stuff.
He enjoys drawings but not much of other things (and the fact he sucks at drawing the angles or background).
He enjoys singing but practically next to nothing on how to play an instrument or on notes.
He's a very patient person as he always keep his emotion in check, unless he couldn't handle it anymore.
He's enjoys pranks but doesn't prank people due to laziness.
He does get annoyed when he has to do a lot of work, which apparently school does.
He hates being in crowded places, yet he does not want to be alone.
He is paranoid around people and thinks too hard about the people around him that cause him to put up a "Mask" around people he didn't know. He's annoyed by people who are too naive as he believes that they don't know anything about the outside world. He hates people who acts naive more, because they pretend to know nothing of the world outside.
He isn't very outgoing and prefer to stay in his room and just do what ever he does or sleep. He also have an overactive imagination and when something happening to/around him, he puts an anime reference no matter what the situation is.
He will only be completely honest to his mother.

Biography: He was an orphan without any clue to anything related to his parents. He was usually alone due to being isolated from the others. He was a very silent child and prefers to keep to himself and thinks too much about the world around him, one of the reasons the other children we quite scared of him. As he grow older he knew more about the world outside and found a safe haven within the world of imagination. Due to that, He got paranoid about everything around him.
From then on, he was found to be reading books of myths and legends. Even though he knew those around him say it wasn't real, he still kept believing it. One day at the age of eight he was taken in by a widow. He became close with her and always tell her about everything that happens to him. Especially his fascination of the stars, sky and mythology, the three things that started his fascination on the "out of the ordinary". At primary school and onwards he decided to act as someone else so he won't be alone, so he could lie to himself that "he" can have friends. Then he found out about anime and sooner of later he became an Otaku. It fascinated him. a different world made by someone's own imagination filled with many things that may not happen in real life. He also enjoyed listening to songs that isn't about love. It became annoying after hearing all those songs about love. Then he came across Vocaloid and quickly took a liking to it along with UTAUloid and utaites. He alson found out he enjoys baseball, to him it was something exciting, it became the only sport (or thing) where he'll completely focus and is competitive on. He also started joining Kendo as a way to fend himself if he came across any situation in need of force. Though, he found out that he can't do many things he like due to his lessons and school. So he decided to just cancel his lessons (including Kendo) due to that. This apparently caused himself to be quite lazy.
He apparently is afeminist and otomen as he has been living with a woman(not being sexist and the fact that I'm a female).
This also cause him to have a high respect for females. Finally, he came across a site about Hoshizora High. The idea of being able to learn more of mythology had excited him that he did not see about the "you MUST join a club and sport" rule.
That made him regret it later on, sports is fine but clubs? Well that he mentally throw a tantrum about.
Along with the fact that he must separate with the person he cares most and have to stay with some stranger.
Yup, not his cup of tea. Even so, his adopted mother told him to go for this was a great opportunity.
In the end he complied and just continue the day like any other day.

1. His cooking is so good that he was recommended to be cooking for a five star restaurant
2. He has a voice fetish
3. He can be quite sadistic
4. He has a sweet tooth
5. He is very sensitive on any topic about his mother
6. He is over protective on anything related his mother
7. He writes songs or poem at times
8. He often times considered the idea of suicide and openly mentions it
9. He doesn't really think much on things he isn't interested in
10. He doesn't really like things that can't use one's imagination
11. He can get frustrated easily if he has to repeat something too many times
12. He is picky what he eats.
13. He wish that he has a carnivorous animal for a pet.
14. He pretend that he talks to his mom when he is not with her after 2 hours (usually when he daydreams or is by himself and mutters to himself)
15. His favourite song is Yobanashi Deceive and Karakuri Pierrot
16. His inspirtaion for his 'mask' is Yamamoto Takeshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn.
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