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Yay, my contest entry for [link]

this is Shahab and Fjalar. my bacabellos. wanted to make my own loooong ago, but never got that far...

but first of all the story:

it was shortly after Shahab became leader of his herd when he first met Akhalaia. not far from the meadow his family mostly lived was a little hidden valley with a lagoon in the middle. he loved the place since he was little. the sweetest berries in the hole area grew here. he loved life. from the day of his birth he was gifted. the nevered had to fear for their life. it was just fun. but after all it was a bit boring to have everything. maybe he should go out on a trip see far away countries. have some adventures. yeah this would be great. but he couldnt leave his herd alone. and he did not want to go on a trip on his own. maybe there could be adventure here...
this were his thoughts as he came to the valley. he stopped at the top of the hill and looked over the valley. it was all the same. same lagoon, same bushes, same grass, same mare... mare?! yes there she stood. a beautiful mare. her cobalt markings glowing in the sun. her black mane nearlly covering her face. wow, he had never seen such a mare before. he swallowed as he started to move again. what should he say??
shi lifted her head and look at him. her eyes where so deep and there was a sad look in them. as if she had lost something. what could it be. who could hurt such a wunderful nature? he couldnt resist asking her. after she had told him her story he felt bad. how could he have been such a fool for wanting to leave his family.
"come with me sweet, ill show you my herd. you can join us."
and so Akhalaia became a part of his herd and his life.

The End^^

and now the characters theirselves:

Shahab (arabic for falling star)

-gernder: male
-identification: Palomino Aurel Bacabello
-age: 60
-tattoos: only the one you see
-home: wide open land with huge forrests (like in the spiritmovie –much place to race XD )
-markings: his herd is the solstitium-herd. with means midsummer. Therefore the yellow colour and
the sun on his hind leg. they all have rust or rough coloured markings but in his family he ist
the second aurel, thats why hes became the leader (and Akhalaia the leadmare^^)
-adornments: a leather tape on his right foreleg thats all. Does not like all the blingbling
-abilities: sometimes has visions of the future (rarely), telepathy (like all his herd has)
-personality: friendly and sunny, but sadly sometimes very resentful

Fjalar (out of the nordic mythology)
ref sheet: [link]

-gerner: male
-identification: bay mos bacabello
-age: 1 or 2 days on this picture (baby *squeak*)
-tattoos: will be shown on the refsheet later
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