Cailci Picture

Name:: Cailci Yavier
Pronunciation:: Kale-see Yay-vee-er
Age(insweeps):: 8
Age(inhumanyears):: 19
Gender:: Female
Symbol:: Alchemical Symbol for quicklime
Blood Color:: Brown #a25203
Lusus/Guardian:: Hogmom
God Tier:: Witch of Rage
Screen Name:: reclusiveSpectre
Typing Quirks::
all lowercase
no periods
breaks things up over several messages
Weapon Preference:: Nailgun
Fetch Modus:: Queue
Planet:: Land of Rust and Sleep
Consorts:: Orange Caimans
Habits:: Intentionally antagonizes people for no good reason.
General Personality:: Cailci delights in antagonizing people, and is not very good at picking her battles. She often comes of as uncaring at best, and encourages others to do the same. She enjoys trying to get a rise out of people, and won't back off if things have escalated too far.
Personality around friends/enemies: The difference between a friend and an enemy to Cailci is largely in the way she insults them, and the way they respond. With friends, she sticks to insulting things they like, but with enemies she insults them a little more personally. She likes being around people in both categories though, and will usually not try and intentionally bring them harm. She is not exceptionally loyal, and sees loyalty as a weakness.
Around Strangers::
Around Friends::
Likes:: Ghosts, rock-climbing, solitude, adventuring, mythology, abandoned places
Dislikes:: Romance movies, crowds, bright colors, animals (especially large or predatory animals), grubs
Outstanding Marks:: Many scars on her arms and back

Cailci once dreamed of joining the military, and had built much of her life around ensuring that it would be so. She learned to fight by going out into the wilderness and antagonizing animals into attacking her. She has since decided that both animals and the military are "stupid."

Her lusus selected her after seeing her interact with other grubs. Cailci made most of her friends by running into them by chance and than antagonizing them. Most people avoided her after that, but she tends to consider anyone who sticks around either a friend or an enemy. Which are pretty close to the same thing in her eyes. Only two trolls have truly managed to make themselves stand out from the rest.

Cailci spends a lot of time on the beach to the southeast of her hive. She complains about it, but keeps going there anyway.
\ ♥ / ♣ \ ♦ / ♠ - Izeron Jiogri\
Singui: hes tolerable usually Cailci appreciates Singui's fondness of 'creepy' things, as it tends to overlap with her own love of abandoned places and the things within.
Kruxie: dunno what their deal is
holy shit get a load of this pompous bitch
Kapque: murdercat in denial
Antimn: thinks she knows everything They dated once. Cailci still likes her, but feels like Antimn is constantly judging her.
Jace: a dense fucker
Remy: seems to like people who don't deserve it
Izma: likes things that are dumb

Birthday: The 10th bilunar perigree of the 1st dim season's equinox (fite me)
Prospit dreamer
Completely convinced that humans are a type of plant.

Kismesis- Izeron Jiogri
Former Matesprit- Antimn Bismth
Former Kismesis- Cromet Beysao
Denizens: Hecaton
Kernelsprite: Hogsprite (Hogmom, Monster Effigy)
Medium Item: Sword
Continue Reading: Places