Thor Visual Novel Portrait Picture

Thus begins Bunni's strange visual novel spree!! Today starring Thor and his giant pancake moosh hands. I started with him cos he hasn't had a proper pic yet and he's like my newest character. Changed a few tiny things from the beta chibi doodle thingy but I doubt anyone will really notice XD
One note to add: I've changed it so that his mustache is somehow natural. Just cos I realized if it was dyed then at SOME point he would have had to have a normal mustache and THAT JUST DOESN'T DO. For a random thing I threw in at the last minute, this stache has totally become synonymous with the character in my brain.
the eyebrows are still just randomly shaved that way cos he's insane, though

So... what emotion faces should I do?
I've had one of those brain fart moments where SURE I could name a bunch of emotions normally but now I have to draw em my brain is like "NOPE, NO ACCESS TO COMMON SENSE TODAY."
This pic is like his default pose, which is also his medium-level happiness pic. (gonna do like 3 pics for the major emotions varying in strength) Except now I can't think of any emotions other than happy, sad and angry.
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