BA - Alassiel Picture

*hangs a flower in front of it*

Name: Allegra Maywood. Her Elvish name is Alassiel and she prefers that one.
Nick: Ally,
Age: 16
Species: half-elf, half human
Height: 1.79 m
Class Selections: Science, astronomy, mythology, gym, divination, traditional arts, ancient speech
Dorm: Norwood Garden 206
House: seraphim
Items brought along: Her plants and flowers,
Personality: She’s a flirt. She’ll even flirt with the male teachers. She especially seems taken by Madako. She’d try to look up other elves or halve-elves on Baranthia, just ‘cause she feels they should be loyal to one another. She’ll easily throw in the pout to get her way. She is highly protective of the elf community and does not appreciate jokes about them. She’s kind of miffed that there is no subject herbology. Tends to avoid Kyoya at uniform day because she doesn’t often wear that shirt beneath it.
History: Her mother was a woodelf and an immense flirt. She flirted with a man who came into their forest and became pregnant with Alassiel. Her father returned back to the human world none the wiser. It was always told to Alassiel that her father was an elf and had died by an accident. But she had never believed that. So she went to one of the elf elders. Together they searched for her father. She met him and he wasn’t what she had thought him to be. Human. Fragile in her eyes. But none the less she loves him and visits him a few times a year. He always calls her Allegra though she hates it. He was also the one that suggested her going out of the forest and learn other things about the world, though he had not meant the supernatural world when he said it. But that was how she got to Baranthia.
The medallion she wears is a family heirloom, received from an outsider after saving his life.
Powers: Wood-elf. Can control plants, make monster plants, grow plants. She also has a tiny bit of control of the earth. But she still has to learn a lot. Even if there are no plants in the near vicinity she can make them grow accelerated through vegetation. She can create a tiny creature out of earth and rocks to do her biding but it takes a lot of control and concentration for her. She often uses it to spy on someone.
Fighting Style: She can be a bit all over the place. Using different kind of attacks with her plants. She often doesn’t think off defense until it’s too late.
Weapon: Vines on her arms and legs.
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