Huldra Margaret Picture

Huldra are exotically beautiful creatures of Nordic mythology who seduce men and can be either kind or cruel depending on how well the man treats her. They can marry human men, but when they turn human, they lose their supernatural beauty.
Margaret would travel along with her huldra sisters, and while she was not as bold and aggressive as the others, she still attracted men with her shy and meek appearance. However, she was no less brutal of an attacker if the man was disgusted or made fun of her hollowed out back or her cow tail.

She and her clan disguised themselves as humans and came to America in hope of finding fresh men to trick and seduce. Unfortunately, the huldras soon found themselves being chased and hunted by bible-thumping demon hunters who would have none of their sexual charms placed on their good Christian men.

One night, a tall but young pig farmer (who demon-hunted by night) stumbled upon Margaret as he went for his usually rounds in the woods. Since he was armed with a pistol and an axe, Margaret became frightened and tried to run from him to warn the others, but the intimidating man grabbed her by the tail and dragged her back to his barn. She feared she was close to death as he swung his axe down to cut off...her tail.

To her surprise, he stopped there. The man was of Swedish descent and knew the legends of the huldra, and how one story said that if one cuts off the tail of a huldra and marries her, she can become a human. She grew embarrassed when he turned to get a good look at her back, and was almost ready to scratch at his face if he commented. Instead, he merely looked at it with a calm face and picked some maggots out of the wood covered hole.

The man did not intend to hurt her, but marry her and turn her into a human. He accepted her into his home and treated her kindly, which she greatly appreciated. However, she became nervous as the wedding day approached, because a huldra's glamour disappeared when entering church grounds. When that day came, she walked down the aisle and he pulled the veil back to reveal her hair no longer shimmered, and her bronze eyes turned into a normal brown, and her glowing features had turned ordinary. But the man who promised to marry her did not frown or flinch, for she was still lovely to him.
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