Dark Eldar Erinyes (Wych Incubi) Picture

I decided with the advent of the new Dark Eldar book that it was about time I tried out Incubi, but since I use a Wych Cult a squad of (male) armoured badasses seemed like they would be a little out of place. I had some Finecast Incubi, some Wyches and some Warriors lying about for various reasons, and so I decided to try to make Wych Incubi, who will act as a bodyguard/ appreciative audience/ meat-shield for Lelith.

If this annoys you on a background level, the basic idea is that Asdrubael Vect, who recently came into possession of a lot of Incubi wargear for reason's he's not sharing, has supplied some of it to Lelith's forces since she's furthering his schemes. Wyches are good at deflecting blows onto armour, so they can get away with lighter looking warsuits than normal Incubi. In mythology, Erinyes are the Furies, female Greek proto-goddesses connected to revenge, so the name seems to fit.

Anyway, the basic models here are Wych torsos with Warrior legs to add a bit more armour and more static poses. The exceptions are the Erinyes with two bunches of hair, who uses Hekatrix legs, and the Klaivex who is in a running pose to make her stand out and therefore uses Wych legs. The sneaky trick I then pulled was to stand each 'donor' Incubi with the corresponding Erinyes whilst making the arms, so I could get them in the right positions to meet up with the hands and arms attached to each Klaive. There's a lot of variation, so some of the arms here are completely Incubi, some are Wych, and some are Warrior. Likewise, some of the shoulder pads are from the Incubi, some from the Wyches, and some are made from Green Stuff with old-school Dark Eldar spines attached. To add more bulk and further differentiate the Erinyes from my other Wyches, I added the trophy racks, attaching them by cutting down the backs of the Wyches a little. Both trophies and Klaives are finecast at its most disconcerting, needing heat treatment to get them into shape and still flexing dramatically under any sort of stress.

Paint was fairly simple. The skin is the Zamesi Desert based tone I always use for my Wych Cult, and the armour is a mix of black, metallic purple, and black glazed with purple ink. As always, I used a variety of hair colours with the Klaivex having red hair to further distinguish her. Once the models were varnished, I used 'Ardcoat to add gloss to the gemstones, though not the cracked ones on the racks, and to the leather parts to make it look harder.

Photography by me, all original miniatures (c) Games Workshop.
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