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(this is a character sheet for a rp room, sorry the art be so bad XP, i had like 30 minutes to whip it up since i am so busy)

Name: K'shera Lome

Age: 19

Birthday: December 21

Race: Qualme; which is basically elves that wondered into the deep portions of the lothlorien forest where over time they became more and more animal like and embraced darkness. They look like elves out side of having slightly larger ears than normal elves, black fur, and a tail. The fur, however, does not cover the entire body. The hands are covered with it and it makes it up the arm but fades to black skin as it reaches the shoulder. It also starts on the top of the head and makes it's way down the back to the tail, fading to black skin on the cheeks, forehead, and sides.The final place there fur is present is the paw like legs which it makes it's way up to the belly button area where it fades to the black skin. The large patch of furrless area on the stomach is usually painted with white markings that realte to the tribe/ family the person came from.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Bright Green

Weight: 4ft 4in

Height: 81 lb

Appearance: Like the description of the qulame above, but is female. She wears rather normal clothing trying to fit in with the modern world she only recently discovered after straying from her native home. This means T shirts and jeans not to striking or uncommon. She does hold onto her culture though and has several designs painted on her stomach and hidden by her shirt. She also wears a band given to her by her brother around her tail that has a leaf of lothlorien attached.

Personality: Curious and inquisitive but also rather unsure of the modern world and fears many aspects of it so hangs in the background when new situations or people come about. How ever when she is comfortable she is rather friendly and perky despite he element. This will change however when violence or battle is called forth when she embraces her more darker sides. She lets few to get close to her since she is not used to being around those not her own kind. She also adheres to many of her peoples traditions and takes time to complete them. Some of her animal traits come out as well occasionally.

Likes: She has an odd love, fear, thing for new people and things. She also likes to stay in quiet dark places unless she is with people she is comfortable with then she is sociable.

Dislikes: kinda dislikes new people, and also violent people as they make her animal side run wild with rage which scares her once she regains her self. She also dislikes being around large amounts of people as there never were many in her village.

History: Born into a rather respected village for their dominance in shadow control compared to surrounding villages. She spent most her childhood exploring the wood due to her curiosity, but her time there lead to a tole of having slightly more animal like instincts compared ot others of her race. This lead to problems interacting with other village members out side her brother which was close. At one point she went into a blind rage and killed her brother which resulted in her banishment and her wondering of the forest for many more years. Eventually she discovered the modern world and here we are to day.

Weapons: she caries no regularly used weapons, but is a skilled archer

Weakness: she tires easily and is weak to light elements, she also tend to have a fear of anything new despite her curiosity of it.

Element: Darkness

Abilities: Shadow control/manipulation and

Special Attacks: Shadow doll: an ability that allows for damage done to the shadow of a person to be applied to the person them selves with limited damage. An example of this is if a blade was to be stabbed into an area of the persons shadow, a cut the size of the blade would appear on the person in the same spot but would be shallow.

(sorry if that was so long)

What Are the 'Dark poets of literacy you can name?
I do not think there is such thing as a dark poet, just those who tend to write about topics that various cultures may associate with darkness. (from my perspective)

Who is the 'Dark Lord'?
Nuruhuinë is the mythological god of darkness to the Qulame culture (my characters perspective)

What do you think is one thing that will make you perfect for the Dark Dorm?
Although she has a bright personality she easily falls into the darker habits of her race and some of the rituals she performs for her culture relates deeply to darkness.

Name at least one of the names of a God/Godess of Darkness.
Again Nuruhuinë, but the god of shadows for the qulame people is Halda.

What kind of force is neccessary to rule?
It is better to rule from the shadows as an underlying force never fully understood and often causes people to come to false conclusions, thus making it hard to be overturned. This assumes you wish to rule at all.

(there was a journal about mythology that listed the gods, but I thought it would be better to write from the point of view of my character, sorry if I was mistaken.)
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