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For the gakuen romantic-comedy. I labled them for easier recognition.

Fig. A- Malefactus Orb: The Malefactus Orb has it's origins in demon mythology. When the combined malice of many dead demons gathers in one place, the Malefactus Orb is born. Within the orb is a manifestation of the malice, a newborn demon without conscience. Within seconds of being shattered, the demon comes to full size and follows one command of the person who freed it before leaving to seek its own way in the world.

Fig. B- Spider Mandala: The Spider mandala is a tattoo design often used by priests undergoing a terrifying rite to pascify demons. It has some small spiritual power to ward off evil. It was later picked up by several gangs that were superstitious about younger members bringing them bad luck. Sho has one tattooed to his left shoulder intermixed with tribal-like tattoos.

Fig. C- The Beast Knife: The Beast knife is man made artifact used by the Nafkani army to draw out the most violent Id out of a person and use it in battle. All Nafkani soldiers are equipped with one, specially tuned to draw out their darkest combative side. The lodestone sheath prevents the manifestation of the Id when not drawn.

Fig. D- Magatama no Megami: The Goddess's magatama is one of the most powerful enshrined artifacts of the Kazumi shrine. It was given to the priest Kazumi Kazuya by the goddess who created it herself. It is composed of 108 jewels on a string of woven hair. There are 54 yin beads and 54 yang beeds to balance the artifact's spiritual power. For some reason, instead of being a holy object, the object is so cursed that some believe it to be the beginning of the stories of the Kazumi family curse.

Fig. E & F- The chains of Heaven and Earth and the Enshrined Sword: The origins of the chains that bind the Enshrined sword were taken from the mass grave south of Mercantum. They were called the chains of heaven and earth due to their unusual sprouting from every corner and wall to bind a sarcophagus in mid air. The Kazumi Shrine eventually replicated the same effect, ensrhining an evil sword that had taken on a life of it's own after slaughtering countless thousands over a perioud of a hundred years. The sword's name was lost to antiquity but the legend of the evil blade still circulates in some occult circles.

Fig. G- The Branch of Life: Given to the Kazumi Shrine as a gift by the Underworld's princess Mint, the Branch of Life can cure any disease, and almost any curse. It was enshrined within the Kazumi Shrine due to it's unique miraculous powers. Unfortunately after many came seeking its power and many more were healed, the last of the leaves was used, and the branch, now barren lies useless on the shrine altar. It is still used for ceremonial purposes even though it's power is lost.

Artifacts and their history are © Rory Blair (1999-2007)
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