OC Group Shot Picture

Heh. I finally did it. A post of my OCs.

1-My main OC. Pretty much self-explanatory.

2-Anikin Ratcher. He's like that Friend that shows up at your house unexpected, appears in the weirdest places, and always smells kinda funny. He's always trying to be cool guy but in reality he's a huge dork. He's Jazzie's cousin and Shift's friendly rival. His name came from the fact that I kept misspelling Ratchet as Ratcher and the fact that I couldn't think of a cool name.

3-Nixie. She's blind Pheonix with a knack for anything science-y. She doesn't much care for the antics of her "friends", but tolerates them as long as they don't go into her lab. She doesn't like to ask for help but knows when to. She's the oldest of the group at 26, though she looks no older than 16.

4-Jazzie. She's a sassy tomboy who likes to pal around with her friends. She loves almost any sport and is willing to try anything once. She constantly outdoes Shift and Anikin whenever they get into fights over who's better at what. She pretends that she isn't, but she's quite the romantic, often getting small crushes on boys. She also likes to look good when she's doing her thing, often sporting sporty yet stylish outfits. She draws the line at makeup and jewelry as both mess up her fur. She's Anikin' cousin.

5-Tempest. He's the new kid in town. He's a hedgedrake who hails from a remote country with races and mythologies that seem to be a blend of various European and Asian mythos. He doesn't quite get every one else yet, but he's working on it. He has a younger adopted sister named Tina who enjoys hanging out with him and his friends. He can't quite fly yet, but he can glide quite well. He also has organs in his arms and feet that are similar to those found in electric eels.

6-Shift. He's the wild card of the group. He comes from a wealthy family that owns most of Rantown(working title), though he tries not to let his friends find out. He cares greatly about his friends and their well-being. He enjoys eating weird foods that most people wouldn't even think about trying and is freaked out by cross-dressers.
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