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This is my HiemsMansion OC

Name: Àgatha
Age: 14
Birthday: 21st February
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Creature: Medusa
Tower: Moon
Other Facts: Àgatha doesn't have snakes on her hair but she owns a snake pet named Aisha. Her eyes color change from a crimson red to a light green when she wants to turn people into stone. Although Àgatha's effect to turn people into stone only lasts two or three hour, in the worst case it can last a day.
Notable feautures: Àgatha has short wavy green hair and crimson red eyes. She usually uses a little black umbrella outside the mansion because her eyes are sensible to sun light.


-Explore the World

-Annoying people

-Being alone

-Make new friends
-Meet new people
-Read new stories
-Travel to new places

Àgatha is a curious little girl who wants to know more about the world. She is nice, caring but shy too.

Since she was born Àgatha had no home. She travelled through cities until she foundthe HiemsMansion.


Àgatha like the mythological medusa, she can turn people with only a look though it doesn't last long.

Skills and Strengths:
By travelling Àgatha learned to defend herself but she is not that skilled.
She can play piano, violin, flute and guitar. Àgatha sings very well but she doesn't show that to people because she feels embarrassed about it.

Her weaknesses are the sunlight, her hair (her hair is super sensible) and her nightmares.


Uh... it's my first time roleplaying so... but if you want to roleplay with me i will be glad to..
(Sorry if I am too confuse and i'm sorry for my english.I'm from Portugal so i am not exactly the best in english)

I Hope You Like Àgatha like Ido ^_^.
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