OA Keir Application Picture

Name: Keir (Keira/Keiran)

Age: 650 (ish) with the mentality of a fifteen year old

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 107 lbs

Species/Race: Kelpie (Mother) / Puca (Father)

Race Origin:
Kelpie and Puca are both part of Celtic origin, Puca specific to Welsh Mythology

Additional Information about Race:

Kelpie's are of the Unseelie courts, horse shape shifters, taking enjoyment in drowning humans. Mostly a female race, it is not unheard of for children to be born of a different father species yet still be close enough to Kelpie to be considered one of them. They are mostly found in lakes or streams near smaller towns where they can get away with the rare drowning every decade or so. Some with more of a blood-lust will live closer to larger cities where they can kill more frequently. Victims are usually men and children; men being seduced into coming close enough to drown, children being convinced to ride on their horse form. However, the ways can be reversed, but any ride given by the Kelpie will leave the rider unable to get off and must go on a wild ride until finally being drowned. Most all will eat their victims, but there are occurrences where they simply collect the dead.  

Being a type of shape shifter, all Kelpie can shift into the form of a horse, or a human, both of which retain a 'drenched' look in appearance. They can chose between these forms whenever they wish, and can also conceive or carry in either. Because of the mostly female population, the mother's genetics will carry over to any halfling children born between a Kelpie and any other mythical creature, often overriding the other's genetics.

The New World Division has no mention of the Kelpie specifically, but many have consider them cannibals and there are often hunters who attempt to kill them. While not being particularly involved in human politics, the New World Division is a very common discussion in the Unseelien Court, and many make plans to kill hunters, which does not help their case.

Puca are more freelance. They live in the fields and moors of various countries, residing in any trees they can find, or simply out on the land. Another sort of shape shifter, they can take the form of a horse, goat, or rabbit and will shift from form to form whenever they find if convenient. A few more rare shifts are human or bull forms, and any who can are usually much older. Using their shifting ability, they toy with humans and other Fae to amuse themselves. Its all about fun for them. If a human manages to gain their respect, they will stay near them and make sure they are generally taken care of until one or the other dies. But good luck earning their respect; its nearly impossible to impress them.

The carefree attitude does not refer to children, as they are rather rare. Puca's will grow to a full grown state in a matter of human time, sometimes a little faster, but they will not mature into anything past their twenties maturity wise until they are at least 1000 or more. Other than that first fast growing, they will age slowly. Many Puca do not make it past the age of 1000/into adulthood, considering they will often get themselves killed in an accident or by others.

They prefer to have no association towards the royal courts and its politics (Seelie/Unseelie), preferring to have fun than be very serious or overly cruel. This also extents to human events, and will generally brush something off unless it is a direct threat to themselves or anything or one they care about. With this, the New World Division does not particularly affect them, since they are not a part of it, yet do not cause enough trouble to actually get themselves noticed. Yet.



~eager to please


~rough housing/play fighting
~having fun

~being in water for extended amounts of time
~people making fun of her accent
~not being able to escape (agoraphobia)


Born to a Kelpie mother in a human form, it was obvious that Keir would end up like her, especially with her shark like teeth. Yet, there was something off. As she aged, her eyes grew to be more of the yellow gold of a Puca's, her hair and skin didn't stay wet and she would sometimes shift into a rabbit. For Keir's mother, it was frustrating to have such a child. The whole purpose of having a child was to raise a Kelpie herself. Not some Puca child who wasn't interested in living in the water or drowning those who came near, only tricking them and giggling to herself. But Keir was still taught how to be a Kelpie despite her resistance, and stories grew of a dark horse that would take people on wild rides, but leave uninjured or simply getting wet. This continued for about twenty years before her Puca father was called to take her away. But it would take time for such an old Puca to be found, and Keir's mother took her time with teaching her daughter the skills needed. Talking, walking, how to tell if something was poisonous, and how to breath underwater. This soon became a form of punishment; being held underwater until she almost drowned, and soon the stories stopped as well. While her mother preferred to stay in her horse form after a couple years, Keir stayed in a more human form out. It allowed her to sneak off into the village and cause mischief when she felt like it, and gave her an excuse to wonder about.

When a strange man came to her mother's part of the river, it took her a moment to realize how similar they looked. Having only seen her reflection on the surface of water, she never knew exactly what she looked like, but could still pick out the features that matched hers. Yet he continued walking, pausing when he realized she was staring at him. Smiling, he gestured to the river behind her. "Terribly sorry. I thought another lived here. A Kelpie by the name of Ceara."

"What do you want with my mother?" Nobody wanted anything to do with her, not even other Kelpie. And certainly not another Fae like this one. Before the conversation could continue, Keir was shoo'd off by her mother so she and the man could 'talk' in private. While she was away, sneaking to the village, her mother explained how she had to be raised by her father now. Keir was just too much like him to be excepted into the Kelpie culture.

Not that the Puca minded at all. Old as he was, he had already had a few children, but he hadn't raised any by himself. It would be interesting, to be sure. When Keir returned, her father explained, and she gladly went with him. A change in scenery, and an island's worth away from her mother? It was a good deal for her, going with her father to the moors of Wales. It was very different there, foggy and open, and fun. He taught her more about both her parents history, more languages, how to read, how to pull harmless and harmful pranks, and the nature of the Fae. Here her pranks were welcomed and sometimes Kier and her father would get into prank wars for weeks at a time. It didn't take very much for her to get attached to him. He was her father after all.

But that time came when children were supposed to leave home, even by Puca standard, and she said goodbye to her father. She didn't go back to her mother after that time away, too bothered by the thought of returning to attempt it. She traveled form town to town, staying in her human form and conversing with anyone who would. She traveled back to Ireland, Scotland, back to Wales and the surrounding countries for a few hundred years, avoiding most of the Fae. Keir was on her own for those hundreds of years, but she didn't mind much. Time passed differently for her, as she never truly kept track of it, and would often lose track of time altogether. She didn't eat that much, other than blackberries or other foods that she could find for herself or were left out on the doorsteps or windowsills.  

There were times when she did meet other Fae, and they didn't always end well. Some would tease her, or talk about places either had been, but others would torment her, attempt to get under her skin or fight her. Their words often got to her, and she could fight them off easily enough, leaving quite a few Unseelien going around with bite marks on their arms. Those shark like teeth were good for some things at least. One younger pixie she met said something about a school, and it peaked her interest. A school? For those who were not represented by the New World Division, who wanted or needed help with their powers or wanted to learn? It sounded good enough for her, and hitched a ride to the nearest area. A school like that couldn't be that hard to find.

Any Talents?:

Glamours: Keir is very good at putting glamours on herself as well as other objects, hiding their true nature. She keeps a constant Glamour on her teeth to make them appear normal, and can change most medium and small objects appearance for a short amount of time.

Studying: Considering her brief time with her parents, she knew she had a lot to learn, and would often take whatever chance she would get. She was taught by her father to read in several languages, and often quizzed her on them. After so long, she began to forget them, but any offer to learn something new will peak her interests. Unless it becomes boring. Then she might just drop the subject only to be picked up when she finds it interesting again.

Throwing Stones: Starting out as simply something to keep her entertained, it soon grew into a thing to be conquered. Spending the last hundred years practicing throwing stones, she has a very good arm, and will likely be able to hit anything she actually tries to hit.

What about Weaknesses?:

Iron: This metal has the ability to kill her in a large enough quantity, and will be avoided at all costs. Touching something made of this will burn her skin to a certain point depending on contact, but will often simply leave welts for a couple of days. Cities will be avoided because of so much iron, and she will

Shifting: A natural ability, though one long out of practice. At a young age, she was able to shift to a horse form, along with that of a rabbit, but Keir preferred a more human form in order to attract less attention while wondering about. She's tried to shift back into both forms, but the attempts have often gained her a couple weeks stuck in between forms, which is rather painful. She can be scared into one form or another completely, but it will take longer than normal to change back than if she had attempted it herself.

Breathing Underwater: Like her mother, Keir's lungs are stronger than most's, allowing her to breath water as if it were air for short amounts of time. This time isn't longer than half an hour until she can't force the water out again. This can also has the potential to kill her if she can't get the water out. Its a skill used very rarely.

Preferred Dorm: Equa

Treasured Items:

Ring: A silver ring Keir found in a field, of a skull with a snake and vines around it. Its rather worn after so many years of being worn, and then of just its actual age, but she doesn't mind. It may be too big for her finger, but it doesn't stop her from fiddling with it every now and again.

General Additional Information:

Blackberries: Any blackberries in the area will start growing as soon as Keir enters the general area, often making them over-ripe. She doesn't mind, and will often eat them since others won't.

Accent: Keir speaks in a slightly heavy Scottish accent when she speaks. She can speak English with the accent and still be understandable, but sometimes words will end up confused.

Talking while in a Shift: Like both her parents, when Keir is stuck in horse or rabbit form, she'll still be able to talk. But most of the time she refuses to, as being stuck in a shifted form is very embarrassing for her.

Teeth: Keir will keep her teeth glamoured at all times, unless she's knows people wont freak out, or trusts them. Other than that, her teeth will stay hidden, the glamour if forcibly taken off or she shifts. Her shark like teeth do not continue into her shifts.


And here she is, my new character for OA! Can't wait to catch up on everything I've missed and get back in the swing of things!
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